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  • Hey, A reality of 20.3% vs 24 months' ago forecast of 17% ? Who wouldn't take that, compared to the alternative that prevailed for 12 years? A great relief to have numbers based on something besides fantasy.
  • I just read the May 3 Mercopress article "Lack of investor confidence sees the Argentine Peso fall 3.11% against the dollar." An analogy in the comments section seemed appropriate to this thread: "Following your airliner analogy. The airliner was flying at full speed towards the ground under CFK but her approach was to increase the thrust, steepen the downward angle of the plane and jettison the parachutes while telling everyone on board that all was well and providing them with beer and sausag…
  • "Una Porquería???" What a fabulous, unintentional cognate!
  • So appropriate! Good find, Splinter ! My favorite of the quotes, of course, is Peña's “The goal for inflation is not a forecast, rather it’s a guide for economic policy”, But the winner in the cliffhanger department is definitely "The government long ago conceded that inflation would be higher in the first part of the year while insisting it would start to drop from May."