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  • Being now glued to the exchange rate updates again, I wanted to report my recent experience. As I mentioned in another thread, the rate I am getting at my local cueva is always below the official exchange rate, which is a bummer. So I decided to give my foreign credit card a try yesterday to see what was the applied rate. Wed 25 Sept 2018 - Official Exchange rate: 40, informal: 38.9 (source: Ambito Financero); actual rate at the cueva: 36.8 Café Cabrales 239 ARS, paid with Citi debit card (no f…
  • Are you using your cards as much as you can? Turns out you should
  • (Quote from Rice) When I use my card I get instantly notified of the purchase through my bank app, and of course by bank shows the amount in USD though the transaction is in pesos. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk