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  • Probably everyone’s aware by now. A Starbucks in Philadelphia had two guys arrested because they wanted to use the bathroom but hadn’t purchased anything. Was it racial? Probably, although I haven’t heard about the ethnicity of the Starbucks’ people who made the complaint. In any event, if these guys are interested in owning a coffee store chain, here’s their chance. If it was not racially-motivated, then it was just very stupid; if it was, it was a couple of galaxies beyond stupid. Still, it’s…
  • We need to be a bit cautious in declaring racism. The appearance is there, of course, but let’s factor in Philadelphia, with a high percentage of citizens who can rightly note “asshole” under Ethnic Origin. Couple that with the near-insane obsession of some businesses to enforce the “customers only” loo policy, and we may have less than meets the eye here. And to my point: if it was racism-inspired, how spectacularly unsuccessful were the results.