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  • According to The Guardian, the Church of England is considering whether to reconsider its exclusive use of masculine pronouns when referring to God. Naturally, the twitterscape is abuzz.…tral-church-of-england%2F
  • I must have been too late. The link took me to today’s Telegraph front page, with Jodie Comer “making a killing at the Gender Neutral Awards.” A different JC from the one being considered by the Church of England, I presume.
  • No, it indeed did not go well for an earlier Archbishop of Canterbury. This is another interesting topic, which goes well beyond the comparatively mild “gender neutral language” one to which I referred. This must be an extremely fraught time for churches and their leaders. All the gender issues as well as trying to (or failing to) take a stand on actual moral questions of lying, stealing, cheating, etc. which are becoming commonplace among government leaders, and thus among constituents, and thu…