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  • Justin Welby, in the Telegraph, talks about the political pressure put on him. <…069_telegraph-nc.png.webp> I'm not sure this link won't expire soon so grab it while you can or read it in The Telegraph.
  • (Quote from Rice) Yup, that's the front page: the complete article is underneath the Jodie Comer piece. Or read it on-line though I haven't sought out a link for that yet. TL:DR Welby says that he answers to God before politicians. Didn't end well for an earlier Archbishop of Canterbury, did it? (See Eliot's "Murder in the Cathedral")
  • In the sense that Politics is the set of activities that are associated with making decisions in groups, or other forms of power relations among individuals, (Wikipedia) church organisations are, in my opinion no different from the political parties that all seem to be beset by factionalism these days. Both the Democratic and Republican parties in the USA and the Conservative and Labour parties in the UK embrace a huge spread of opinions which, in a different environment might best be served by …