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  • Please see this interesting video of an outstanding English scholar, Sir Robert Scruton
  • (Quote from GlasgowJohn) Good idea, it deserves to take a time. The good thing of Sir Scruton is that he says things that a modern expert do not like to hear, His production in art philosophy is the best of the last Century at worldwide scale. (Quote from Rice) Yes, turning to the past is not a good perspective. But where can you look for a thing so subtle as Beauty? Not certainly in the current modern art.
  • A good example of lack of beauty in current architecture and accepted with praises, of Frank Gehry # But not all modern arci=hitecture is ugly:
  • (Quote from Rice) The second building is the Exeter Library of Louis Kahn (1901-1975) Frank Gehry is not interested in beauty at all. He likes complexity and the deconstruction of accepted forms and shapes. However, he is worlwide acclaimed. Gaudi was a brilliant achitecht who explored biological forms and also made experiments with parabolical arches. His last building was the Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona. Unfortunately those buildings cannot be built nowadays. Craftmen and artisans fr…
  • A watercolour by Thomas Gibson, a scot landowner of 1845 (A Buenos Aires Ranch)
  • (Quote from Rice) He was only an amateur watercolorist. Mainly he introduced the scots sheeps in our country.