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  • I use a very small handful of suppliers, although I have bought on Mercadolibre from suppliers with excellent reputations. But that green ML rating doesn't always tell the whole story and if possible I track down the supplier. This one has a top rating on ML, but has more negative reviews than positive on Goggle Maps, actually by a long mile. I also noticed this business 'identifies as 'women owned' on Google Maps, which I find quite ridiculous. How does that help anyone? Would 'identifies as bl…
  • I believe them both, equally. Also, I review a lot on Google and always give an honest account. ML have really tightened up their act and the delivery service is now top notch. As a vendor you get penalised for not reacting fast enough on printing the label, answering questions and delivering the parcel to the agent. Those factors alone have been a kick up the backside for all of us.