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  • He apologised and kept referring to the ongoing enquiry, but he's on the ropes. I think his credibility has been shattered and don't forget other scandals such as the refurbishment of his flat, that blond American woman who he helped using his position etc. It's on a similar level to Albert's party, but i don't think he should get away with this one. PMQs here:
  • The report being compiled by Sue Gray about Number 10 parties looks like it's going to be redacted thanks to the Met Police, when the damn thing should be released in full. Johnson is looking more slimy by the day. It's a fucking disgrace.…et-intervention-partygate
  • (Quote from Rice) Skip to 1m 56s and bear in mind that this was years before he became PM and was still Mayor of London. Click bait.
  • (Quote from Rice) Spot on!
  • Kenneth Branagh is to play BoJo in this Sceptred Isle upcoming series., but of course, the story hasn't finished yet...…-series-sky-Boris-Johnson
  • Rats leaving a sinking ship and yes, he deserves to be skewered because he's a liar and no longer commands one jot of confidence. From anyone.
  • Rant incoming, but he's not wrong.
  • (Quote) He will go, eventually.…inished-thatcher-downfall
  • The justice minister has resigned over the Partygate scandal, but the conservative party doesn't have the stomach for another leadership race apparently. I think Bojo is hoping this will all just go away. Perhaps Ukraine has inadvertently taken the spotlight off him.