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  • Hi Leonard. I've no idea about Cordoba as my trout fishing experiences in Argenina both river and lake have all been down south in the St Martin de los Andes area. Local rules apply regarding fishing permits, if you're a resident a permit is very cheap compared to what a visitor from outside the area has to pay. I'm not into hunting with guns so can't offer any advice. If I were you I'd come here on a fact finding mission/holiday first. I'm not so sure moving here permanently is going to be as e…
  • (Quote from Semigoodlooking) Must admit my first reaction was similar to yours....especially if living the 'Blue' life. However I tend to take a more pessimistic approach when replying to these type of posts. I personally don't see it as being a large amount of money once you take into consideration the paying of rent, paying bills, keeping a car, health care etc.etc. It would be a fun thing to do as long as you have an escape plan ready should the time come.