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  • (Quote from Rice) I guess you half the chance of neighbors protesting because of the train noise! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  • (Quote from JAN) That looks like Keith Haring to me! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  • Today I was strolling in Belgrano and I saw a store for you. I made a mental note about it: Vuelta Abajo Social Club (VUELTA DE OBLIGADO 1932 - It is a tobacco & alcohol store with some seats, basically. There was an impressive* display of cigars in a controlled temperature room and some expensive-looking bottles of imported whiskey and scotch. *For someone who doesn't know where to start puffing a cigar
  • We are open to renting a place in UY for our holidays. It must be a decent place that accepts Serafina the cat. I have seen properties on the Argentinian Coast but they are either very spartan or big, fancy and expensive (they are for 8-10 people). We'd like to move there for the season, like we used to do in Mar del Plata. We have a car, so we are considering small towns, too.
  • (Quote from UK Man) I hoped you were appreciating the fact of not having your MIL over this year!
  • Next week I am translating a booklet on the use of therapeutic cannabis in the elders. I'll grow some culture!
  • That pipe is contended!