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  • The continuing saga of Windows 10 build 1809 More delays caused by bugs, the current bug is the zero day bug, an API that can be hacked into by malicious software developers, NSA for one, and the archiving zip file bug…port-shortfall-grows.html
  • Only for the current build, not for Windows 10 completely after the update is eventually installed
  • At least that I think it meant, hopefully
  • So basically, taxed twice, which is unfair on Brits and others This article says you have to change your settings to avoid being taxed by the US IR https://www.searchenginejourna…be-creators/398897/#close
  • Apparently, I'm not ready for Windows 11, I just either need to find out whether my CPU has PTT, or I need to get a TPP module. I guess all the scalpers have them now, since Microshit went out of its way to have that requirement