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  • How can anyone be “assigned” a gender at birth. People are born either male or female at birth, not assigned This is a crazy world
  • (Quote from serafina) To be born with both genitalia is considered to be an abnormality or aberration, we have seen this with people who are born with defects, how can it be considered normal? I'm not advocating any discrimination or any harm done to intersex people, that is wrong We can, and should question any psychologists "findings", because its hard to believe that someone could "feel" a female when that person has male genitals firmly attached, let alone vice versa
  • (Quote from serafina) How does playing around with Barbies make a person suddenly effeminate? Its just a plastic doll, much like an Action man Men who play women in stage and movies are being told to walk and act like women, doesn't make them effeminate at all
  • (Quote from serafina) Really, the survival of the offspring depends on how promiscuous we as a species are? I don't think that the rising population has anything to do with global warming then. As for being faithful, I have never seen since childhood, people being faithful, that includes my mum and dad, but that has nothing to do with the utter crap they come up these days with "gender being the social norm", when its in fact a biology norm. I was born a man, I am grateful for that. Does the LGB…
  • (Quote from Semigoodlooking) What can we do though? I am not going to be forced into something I don't want to do. No one else in their right mind will do that. The problem is that anything offends them, even if you breathe it might offend them. (Quote from serafina) Again, you're not making sense, first of all you're saying that promiscuity makes a offspring tougher, there are lots of people who have had babies with defects as in autism, disabilities, not merely because the parents were promisc…
  • (Quote from serafina) I guess you do