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  • Both teams were four minutes into their world cup qualifier and all of a sudden Brazilian health officials invaded the pitch and stopped the match, citing four Argentine players who play in the English premier League, maintaining that they had lied on their Covid immigration forms. They were in effect about to be deported from Brazil and/or face criminal charges, but after a lengthy three hour wait at Sao Paolo airport, they were able to fly back to BA, where they remain tightly cocooned in Eze…
  • (Quote from UK Man) Hoodwink in what way?
  • I've been rearranging the furniture for Argentina-Brazil tonight (kick off 20.30) in the World Cup qualifier. We don't have cable, only Internet and TV Publica doesn't show it live on YouTube so I've connected my second PC to watch it on their website. With TYC Sports you have to be signed up with Cablevision and others, but the public service is free. That's about the only thing I'm grateful to this government for