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  • Outrageous pricing on the PCR, serafina . Once you’re in Italy, will you be able to stay long enough to get both doses of the vaccine?
  • Instead of going to visit your Mom in Italy, serafina , what about meeting her in the US, where you could get both Pfizer shots in 22 days? I don’t know if there is a “give shots to anyone who wants them” stated policy, but I haven’t heard or read of anyone being turned down.
  • The US is willing to provide free vaccinations, but the government can’t control the outrageous cost of flights and hotels. Many Argentines spend upwards of these figures for shopping trips to Miami: I wonder if they spend the same for their health. serafina, since you hold an Italian passport, surely the health officials will allow you to receive the vaccine while you’re there, not caring if you’re there as a tourist or undocumented farm worker, but considering this another chance to stop the s…
  • An update on our friend in quarantine in the seedy BsAs hotel: after repeated requests to be given another covid test (at own expense) were denied, she has given up and will simply wait for the remaining 3 days of her 10-day quarantine to end.
  • You are amazing to carry on and jump through all these hoops to get to Italy while Argentina is still a red country with infection numbers going in the wrong direction. I would be crawling into bed, pulling the covers over my head, and waiting as long as I had to, to avoid all the red tape. My hat is off to you, serafina . You are one determined person!
  • I’m shocked that the EU would require visas from UK citizens. Is the UK reciprocating this whatever you’d call the opposite of a Welcome Mat?
  • (Quote from Splinter) I do too, serafina . With all you’ve had to go through, I don’t think I’ll have the perseverance to take any international trips any time soon. Bon voyage! You’ve earned a great trip!
  • Thank you, serafina , for taking the time to give us such a detailed report! Very helpful. After all your pre-trip work and stress, I’m so glad the trip went so smoothly, without any unpleasant surprises. Enjoy your well-earned time with your Mother!
  • Maybe an out of season king cake, if we can find a baker capable of imitating your art, serafina !
  • Congratulations serafina ! I’m so glad you’ve gotten the first and have scheduled the second. The vaccination brings with it a real sense of relief, doesn’t it.
  • serafina , I can only imagine your angst, and I hate that your visit in Italy has this added stress. I hope you can still pull some enjoyment from the summer season in northern Italy.
  • (Quote from Splinter) … yet most of the highly critical would never say that.
  • The train ride sounds awful, but the travel agent’s news was worse. If you wait another month, assuming Argentina will allow you back in, will KLM put you on a flight without additional charge?
  • That sounds like good news, serafina . 🤞