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  • daniel

    Replied to the thread Biker pics and videos.
    (Quote from Splinter)

    Looked like some pretty rugged terrain!!! I did not see any girls with the children? Did I miss them?
  • Rice

    Replied to the thread Saturday vids.
    I'll bet that is REALLY outstanding on a large screen.
  • Rice

    Replied to the thread How To Watch IPTV On Your Smart TV.
    Thanks, Splinter . Will store this away for the future -
  • Rice

    (Quote from serafina)

    Not in US high schools, where Philosophy isn't taught. At least not in mine. In what kind of class did you come across Duns Scotus, serafina ?
  • Rice

    Replied to the thread Argentina elections 2019.
    Hindsight is always 20-20. But there's always time to hop on the next trend: alcohol-free bars!