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  • Splinter

    This is fascinating, because I lived for many years in Hereford and in fact had my wedding reception at this very school in 1990.
    Phillip Witcomb's real dad is none other than Pablo Escobar and he was whisked away from Colombia by adoptive British…
  • richietog

    Replied to the thread US diplomacy up in flames.
    Guess Trump doesn't like the idea of getting a Nobel Peace Prize

    Egg on the face for the people Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage for suggesting that Trump should get the prize
  • Rice

    Replied to the thread Biker pics and videos.
    Great, dramatic shot!
  • Rice

    Replied to the thread US diplomacy up in flames.
    (Quote from Glamdring)

    But more astounding is the lack of any kind of outcry from the Congress or the people.
    Supine and mute.
  • Rice

    Impressive set of ancestors, from whom she doubtless inherited her good looks and sweet personality.