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  • Carlos

    Replied to the thread Venezuela now.
    After all our economic mess, we still attract latin americans to settle here.
    Why is this? I think that is because our "accumulation effect".
  • serafina

    Replied to the thread Venezuela now.
    Those pro-Maduro claim he was lawfully elected and foreign stakeholders shouldn't meddle with Venezuelan's business, since they do it out of their interest ('planting' seeds in the media to construe a regime and provoke conflicts).
    Those against Maduro…
  • UK Man

    Replied to the thread Image of the day.
    Post it or lump it.

    Won't stop me moaning though. :D
  • serafina

    Posted the thread The ISS visibile tonight.
    The International Space Station is visibile tonight in Mar del Plata. It is traveling faster than a plane but slower than a comet. It takes 90' to be visible again. We just spotted it and then disappeared. The tried to snap a picture but our camera lens…
  • Carlos

    (Quote from Rice)

    Thank you, Rice, but what about Paris, London, New York, Rome...
    Some places are interesting, others are very ugly, especially the surroundings, what we call "el conurbano". The urban sprawl without any control during the 1930 and 1960…