"George" at Virginia Lake, Reno, Nevada

"George" - Given a new home by the county several years ago; George wasn't getting along with the other swans at another lake so he was brought to Virginia Lake.

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  • Avian version of Big Fish in a Small Pond?

  • We like George.

    • Ummmm ... those other swans in the picture? I’ve figured out why he doesn’t get along with them.

    • Well .... actually those "other swans" in the photo are ducks; "George" has not had any problems with the ducks OR Canadian Geese at

      Virginia Lake.

      The "problem" George had at another lake in a different section of the city were with other swans; so much so the department of the county

      which has jurisdiction over "wild life" had to re-locate George!

    • Yes, those are Mallards in the background.

      Hasn't George got a partner? I always thought swans mated for life.

    • That's was before the rainbow :-D

    • I don't have any info on George's "life mate" - perhaps she wasn't re-located with George, or she got into a "mess" with another swan - and that's what led to all of George's problems??? Anyway, now living as "single and free", George is "King" of Virginia Lake.