Dodgy wiring in Buenos Aires

Dig the colour coding and the electrical tape. In fact, the join had completely corroded and the house isn't earthed.

Well dodgy!

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  • As an electrical engineer, I refuse to do any electrical work on my own that goes beyond turning a socket in the wall, in Argentina. Every time I unscrew a socket, it is like opening Pandora's box.

    I think there might be unwritten rules or art of the trade passed on from electrician to electrician which are beyond my knowledge (and imagination, that's for sure), so I'd rather hand it to the local experts and save my physical and mental integrity.

  • As bad as the dodgy water system. Due to poor mains water pressure we've not got any hot water. This happens every time there's a heatwave during the school holidays. Everyone's filling up their ruddy pools which means there's not enough pressure to fill the tank!!

    The wife is shrieking as she takes a cold shower. :D