Black Witch Moth

I found this huge moth resting near the curtains this morning. Made me jump at first, so I took a couple of shots, then released him and watched as he flew gracefully into the trees across the road. He had a wingspan of around five inches, which is quite impressive.

Turns out to be a Black Witch Moth, normally found in the USA and native to Central America/Mexico.

Here's an interesting article about the moth.…d-harmless/#comment-25364

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  • How beautiful! Your visitor is as indefatigable a traveler as the monarchs that migrate from the northern US to Mexico.

    Or even more, if it flew from either North or Central America. Is that even possible?

    • She's a long way from home, that's for sure!

    • Great photo...I've seen a couple of large moths recently in the garden at night when out with the dogs. Thought at first they were bats.

      This newly emerged butterfly took a liking for my pipe a few weeks ago.


    • That's a beauty!

    • Thanks Splinter...just a bit of luck.

      Took this video of a snake out at the countryside place a few years ago. A case of being in the right place at the right time and modern technology more than skill on my part.

    • Hissing Sid is back!