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    In the past few days he seems to have stepped up a few gears and appears to be mounting a metaphorical take-over bid for control of the Other Place.

    Recently he has built another forum according to his Twitter posts. Seems like it is AI bots and perhaps paid humans scraping all the threads and posts from the Other Place. Reproducing all the topics in his forum, with fake users posting the real content from the other place. It is interesting since every day it seems more AI like. At first pure cut and paste, and now little grammar changes, and more strange conversations with "people" giving high praise and thanks to the owner for creating the amazing site. Also the BuySellBA owner jumps in to provide "helpful" responses to stolen questions. At some point I imagine it will be only AI bot talking to other AI bots only to receive visits from tourists.

    Could be to promote his BuySellBA business. Or really far fetched, that the Other site owner is on on the whole thing too wanting to cash out.