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    Can you please tell me which package forwarding company you use, how long you have been using them, has there been any problems, & roughly how much it costs for let's say 10 pounds. I know I can't give you dimensions.

    Just so we are on the same page, a real package forwarding company consolidates all of the boxes into one box & they don't tape every box together with tape, paper & plastic wrap. That's what I go through here in Mexico.

    Please tell you have one. I already emailed 3 that someone gave me and no one ever responded back. :(

    I just looked at the shipping & imports on Amazon & NO THANKS. $65 to ship a small bottle of shampoo if I were to test it. SMH


    What is a VA?

    They are cities within the same named province. The smaller cities towns I mentioned are in Mendoza province, with cooler and slightly more humidity as they go south from the main city. I went as far south to mention Chos Malal which is just barely into the Nuequén province though is similar to southern Mendoza province in climate and geology.

    The same for the sierras towns in Cordoba province, which have a different climate from the nearby big city. I have never heard anyone describe Cordoba city or the nearby sierras as dry, though not humid like Buenos Aires.

    VA = Virtual Assistant

    I'm looking into San Pedro. The prices for house rentals are supposedly very reasonable.


    I can’t speak to all of your questions, AWorldView , but I’m wondering if one of the smaller cities or towns in Córdoba would suit you. Because there are mountains, you could probably find a place to get away from the heat without the snow of the South.

    Your local transportation requirements suggest that Buenos Aires province, with local trains into the city and subway system for around the city, would be helpful. But Jan/Feb/March temperatures can certainly exceed your max tolerance. In the city and surrounding areas, there are many, many independent vegetable stores. There are also lots of small, neighborhood restaurants.

    I understand that you don’t want a city, but I should point out that mosquitoes aren’t the same problem in cities as they can be in the countryside.

    Thank you.

    Well both Mendoza and Cordoba are still cities, right? Or are they provinces? LOL

    Thank you for your information. :)

    I wrote about our experience living in Mendoza here in a recent thread. Coming from the northeast of USA I enjoy very cold and humid weather for snow activities. That said, when I arrived to MDZ I Immediately loved the dry climate. It is perfect for 9-10 months of the year, and then yes it is hot. Still, I survived and it seemed easier than hot and humid, though most years I traveled away from that summer. San Rafael south of Mendoza city is very nice, smaller but not too small, a place where expats seems to settle, and slightly cooler weather. Nearby much smaller General Alvear might be able to find something in your budget. Finally much farther south but still dry is Chos Malal a small isolated yet pleasant city/town that is very far from everything.

    On your stated budget though it will be difficult find a house to rent along with the other requirements. Perhaps it is possible in those more rural spots. An apartment is more likely. I suggest you come for 3 months to spend some time to learn what is possible.

    He found me houses within my budget (assuming he did the math correctly) in Cordoba.

    I should review his exchange rate math first though.

    I just need to know from someone who has been to Vegas if it's as dry as Vegas.

    I live in Morelia Mexico right now & it's dry here too, but never very hot hot even in the summer, but it's dry & my skin feels it. But WAY better than Vegas.

    I'll try to find one minute to breath & find your other post.


    Can I please get your visa facilitator?

    How did things go, did they improve?

    I'm smiling that both you & Elex STILL have a sense of humor when dealing with this (fill in the blank). I feel your pain.

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to the forum.

    I may be moving to AR late November.

    A VA I hired recommended Mendoza or Cordoba and I've been hearing different opinions, so I need to clarify some things and if you can give me other suggestions on where you think I would like to live, that would be great.

    Here are my needs:

    1. I was interested in Mendoza, but I was told it's very hot & dry. Now everyone has a different perspective on what is dry, so to give you mine, if it's anything like Vegas, no thanks. I can't even breath in that city it's so dry & boiling hot.

      I don't want very cold in the winter or snow, so the South is out, right?

      I start to get uncomfortable when it's past 85 F. 

      It's not that I want very humid, but I don't want very very dry either. Some moisture, but not dripping wet like in FL.
    2. I don't want a big noisy polluted city, & BA is probably outside my budget, so that's out. I'm low income, so my budget is around $200-350 USD per month not including utilities & I want to eventually rent a house, but I'll need a short term or Airbnb in the meantime & I prefer the whole place. 
    3. I do want to be around some nature & quiet & clean air or at the very least, have a big backyard with grass that's secluded. Saying that, I am very concerned about the mosquitos. They love me and I'm constantly in pain from them.
    4. I would like to be able to get to a nearby bigger city within 30 minutes for occasional bigger needs. I won't have a car, so I will have to rely upon public transportation & normally I take an InDrive or Didi back when full of groceries, but I'm not sure they have drivers in the smaller cities, do they?
    5. I hope there are places and farmer's markets (not grocery stores) with fresh produce and fresh beef, chicken and eggs. One of the two above said there was only one market only early on Saturdays. I thought they would be around more often & I'm not a day person LOL 
    6. I need good solid wired internet for my work. It doesn't have to be more than 50 down, but I do need at least 6 up & for it to be stable, so no satellite, I prefer fiber optic.
    7. I'm 100% holistic and I know people say Mendoza has organic, but one person said he can't find organic beef. Note: when I say organic, I don't mean certified, I'm talking about a farmer who just naturally grows without chemicals on his veggies & doesn't drug his cows or chickens & feeds them properly.
    8. I'm a foodie, so until I get settled, I need good home-made mom & pop restaurants that are on the less expensive side.
    9. I will need a good L shaped desk with custom keyboard trays & an ergonomic office chair which I am concerned is a problem because I need to test out the chair before I buy it. Same with a reclining armchair, and I was told most locals don't buy office chairs and an expat said he couldn't find any reclining armchair with lever. He had to buy online without sitting in it.

      I'm only saying this because I assume I'd have to travel far to test these things out & then how much is delivery?

    Any help you can give me would be much appreciated.

    Thank you