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    My mate always said that on day 80 their system flags you up, so if you are doing a visa run, do it on day 77 or day 78 - could be true, or could be bullshit. But he was here for 12 years with renewed visas every 75/79 days.

    I did 12+ years as a tourist before I finally received DNI. 6-9 months per year in Argentina, with most trips I was out of the country for 2 months. Some long weekends or a week in Chile or Uruguay which always had me leave on 88-90th day. Never overstayed my visa.

    Sounds like many people now just overstay and pay a small fine to exit a few days before they leave or maybe at the airport on the day of exit.

    I don't have VenMo as it requires a US phone number that is not VoIP (I am using a Google Voice number).

    However, 15 days later, the lady re-opened the case, Paypal put again on hold the money (my balance is now-116 USD), and I have to spend other time to fight it back.

    I do not use Venmo more than 1-2 times per year. I do recall it not letting me login unless I VPN into US location. Paypal I have had since the beginning and still only use a few times per year. It works. Any client work I did in the past was long term enough that the direct deposit (ACH?) was already setup so they deposited into my bank account after I invoiced.

    It is good you were able to get PP to take your side, though crazy they reversed after the client opened another case.

    I’m here on a 90 day tourist entry visa. I am booked into olivos until 25 July which is something like day 88 I think. So then I must either leave the country or renew my visa down by Puerto Madero. ( has anyone here done that by the way?

    Are you asking about a one time tourist visa extension at the immigration office before your current one expires? I did that once many years ago. They made it clear it once a one time thing.

    Luckily, since Zelle and Venmo, there are cheaper alternative to PayPal as far as digital payments.

    PayPal owns VenMo. Zelle is better finally though still just some weird 3rd party company that some, though not all, banks agree to handle the transactions.

    No fish/seafood counter here I'm afraid. All from the chiller cabinet. The prawns I buy come ready peeled and cooked blast frozen in 250gr packets and are from Ecuador. Certainly no worse than any frozen prawn I've had from any fishmonger here. At least I don't pay for mostly ice.

    I think in most places buying yourself at the pier where you watch a Day Boat unload the prawns caught a few hours before is the only way to have fresh prawns/shrimp or any marine skin/shell fish. If you buy it “fresh” more than 5 kilometers from the dock, it starts to degrade very quickly because the natural bacteria who normally live on those animals in the cold cold sea, jump alive and quickly reproduce once they are warm.

    In this modern age the highest quality food from the sea is frozen on the boat. Ideally super frozen. Then brought to your home frozen and eaten within 1-2 days unless you home freezer is able to stay 5 below Celsius (not likely). It is easy to take 1-2 hours to defrost and cook just before preparing. Unfortunately in Argentina…. You never know if this modern method for transporting and storing in well frozen environments has even been breached.

    …so here I am a satisfied enough for those frozen fish which are probably from the Atlantic of Argentina. Super frozen on boat, while they catch more over a few days, then hopefully transported correctly to jumbo/vea/disco chain or the coto chain or some fishmonger. The majority are exported. I will never buy a thawed “fresh” fish from the display case because it is a scam.

    When I see the time and effort put into paying bills here, that would have me heading back to Europe to swap one set of problems for another.

    There’s a counter in the Western Union office I go to for paying bills. I assume it’s bills like this, utilities etc?

    That was a shock for me too years ago. Those days are gone for most people in Argentina, except for the ones stuck with cash based income and who do not have a bank account. Once you have money in a bank account the transfer system to pay all bills plus send to friends and family is fast safe and easy. Much better than USA which is still a piecemeal system slowly (almost finally) replacement of paper bank checks.

    Can this port actually be built and operational in two years?


    It is not a tanker port that needs land based docks. I guess that makes it less complicated. Not anything I know about. Will not be great for the whales, penguins, and orcas in the gulf. That environmental discussion is what just finished, allowing this news announcement. I have been the the area a few times, and once to explore the entire peninsula.

    Península Valdés
    Península Valdés in Patagonia is a site of global significance for the conservation of marine mammals. It is home to an important breeding population of the…

    Qué es Vaca Muerta Sur, el oleoducto al que apuestan YPF y la política
    El proyecto de la petrolera, motorizado por el Gobierno Nacional y las provincias de Neuquén y Río Negro, apunta a evacuar el crudo de la cuenca neuquina hacia…


    Vaca Muerta Sur will run from the shale heartland of Neuquén province across northern Patagonia to Punta Colorada, where a port must be built to load tankers. The conduit is expected to transport 180,000 barrels a day in 2026 and may eventually have capacity for 700,000 barrels.

    YPF’s US$2.5-billion shale oil pipeline moves ahead after approval
    YPF SA is moving ahead with plans to build a US$2.5-billion cross-country pipeline that’s key to unlocking exports of crude from the vast Vaca Muerta shale…

    June 1st marks 1 year since we purchased this apartment, and no HOA meeting was ever called. Most owners are sick with the HOA administrator and want to replace him. He was picked by the constructor... who lives in the building.

    terrible circumstances, though eventually it should turn around. A STR is a long term investment if you get past these delays in revenue. If you can deal with the additional headaches and time required, can you campaign to become the HOA? Hopefully you can also negotiate to have the building owners working next door to repair your wall.

    I left the Microcentro yesterday and am in an Airbnb half way between the Abasto Shopping Centre and Alto Palermo. Slightly nearer Abasto. I went there today and I’m pretty sure it was my first visit there.

    Few time when in CABA we have wandered to Abasto if there is music at Konex . Long ago we stayed and searched out the Peruvian well rated restaurant Mochica in the area. This was in the days before as much food variety in Argentina.

    Since launch, over 4 million gamers have played Borderlands Science, collectively solving over 100 million puzzles, making this one of the largest citizen science projects ever. Not only has the game generated huge player engagement, but the results have outperformed state-of-the-art computational methods, according to an analysis of the project published in Nature Biotechnology.

    Sneaking science into Borderlands: Inside the game inside a game
    A key to its success? Making a game that didn't look like it involved biology.

    American firm Crane Currency Malta Limited will print more at cost of US$56.5 per thousand notes. The shipments of these ARS$10,000 bills are scheduled for August (20 million units), September (80 million units) and October, the month in which the remaining 90 million units would arrive in the country. Total cost US$10,735,000.The second batch of 20000 notes will be printed by China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation arriving Oct,Nov,Dec


    I’d like to try this one too, thanks! My main problem is that the bubbling, healthy masamadre starter doesn’t translate to dough that rises as much as it should.

    Right. It has been easy enough to keep a decent sourdough starter going for many years. Actually using that to make bread has some inconsistent results, especially with whole wheat. Still I find it is better to at least have this one routine that gives us something. Being in Argentina means other options to buy are not consistent either.

    aficionado , would you please give us your step-by-step method, including this 6 hour wait? Thanks!

    To make our regular whole wheat toast we have a set of cryptic spanglish notes vs a real recipe. Working from inspiration of others. The last significant tweak was using this whole wheat [2016] baguettes recipe, but instead bake in TWO rectangular bread molds. Scaled up ratios of flour and water, plus using 15g of sourdough starter instead of the instant yeast. Ingredients changes shown here, before the real recipe link. Pretty much following the methods in link who do a better job explaining.


    Author: Adapted from Bread Revolution by Peter Reinhard
    Recipe type: Baguette



    • prepare in the morning
    • 200 grams whole-milled wheat flour
    • pinch instant yeast 15g masamadre starter
    • pinch salt
    • 200 grams water, at room temperature
    • Wait 6-8 hours

    Final Dough

    • 485 grams water, at room temperature
    • 600 grams whole-milled wheat flour (75g rye centeno, 525g whole wheat)
    • Mix by hand wait 1 hour to autolize


    • all of the Poolish from above
    • 14-18 grams salt
    • ½ teaspoon instant yeast
    • Mix all by hand


    - Leave in the bowl after mix and 3-4 set of stretch-fold flips at first night. Overnight 18-22hr bulk fermentation in fridge.

    - Shape to put into rectangular molds at the 2nd night, final proof is overnight in fridge (as this step 6&7 gives reasons) 8-10hrs

    - Cook at the third morning.

    Whole Grain Poolish Baguettes - Bread Experience
    These Whole Grain Poolish Baguettes, made with 100% freshly-milled whole wheat flour, utilize an overnight preferment to help develop the flavor.

    But it's the eBook market that interests me and I have big ideas in that direction, which is why I'm going back to the book fair today to meet up with some fellow authors. For example, the eBook version of my book is $13,500.

    Publishing your book for free in this country doesn't exist - KDP and D2D for example, will let you do this and they take commission on books sold. That doesn't happen here.

    Interesting to hear there is a ebook publisher that is specific for Argentina. Years ago, it had been entertaining to learn The Martian author Andy Weir story of self publishing via blog and KDP before a physical book deal.…came-so-successful-2015-6

    It is a cold grey day and still windy. Roasting butternut squash from the garden, along with quite few quince/membrillo of a caseload from weekend farmers market. A mix to have ready later with dinner.