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    Haha Rice yes HP sauce. Do you like it? Id say back bacon isn’t generally cooked to a crisp but to each their own.

    It’s breakfast on the go on the way to work. With a coffee these days.

    to be honest sometimes it can be a bit limp and fatty as you call it. I tend to peel the fatty rind off then.

    I still prefer it to the American excuse for breakfast bacon.

    We are all feeling it still Rice at some level or another. I know our civil service have been largely working from home ever since and the resistance to return to the office is huge from workers. But directives from above are now pointing to getting them back. I imagine there will be some commercial real estate sell offs. But imagine that. What price will they get these days?

    You remember our UK back bacon as we call at is compared to your streaky bacon you eat for breakfast?

    It’s that with a bit of brown sauce if you’ve any self-respect.

    Some weirdos have it with it tomato sauce.

    It’s not really Rice. I’m Just living and working in different places a few months at a time. I’ve put quite a bit on the line to do it as well that feels more poignant at my time of life. No one that knows me is a bit surprised as I’ve travelled all my life but this is a different proposition at a different time. Stay with me.

    I’m not asset-rich. I will survive on earnings. But that’s what everyone spends their life doing so in this day and age what’s different? I’m testing the proposition of my mobility and that is all.

    COVID did some funny things. One of them being no one expects to meet anyone anymore for business. So conducting business remotely even when hitherto Id insist on meeting clients is no longer an issue anyone thinks about.

    I will return home fairly frequently actually. Certainly every 3-6 months.

    I will spend the northern hemisphere winter in South East Asia, returning to Europe mid to late February to explore some places to stay both in EU and non EU countries.

    Edit: beer o’clock in the ‘hood.

    I’ve been here through different times like when the peso was pegged to the dollar and after financial crisis 2001/2. I’ve been here when it’s been cheap for me and I’ve been here when it was way more expensive than it is now.

    I don’t have any powerful observations of the current state of play. I just hope, as anyone surely would, that the change of path the country is in the very early stages of works out and that Milei is given the chance to see his plans implemented. It would be foolish to be overly optimistic.

    I’m here on a 90 day tourist entry visa. I am booked into olivos until 25 July which is something like day 88 I think. So then I must either leave the country or renew my visa down by Puerto Madero. ( has anyone here done that by the way?)

    My eventual flight out of here is changeable and is currently set for 22 Oct. I hope I see the 6 months out here as plans after that are in place too. I have a travel itinerary for the next year or so but expect to travel for 2-3 years at least.

    Are you all merienda enthusiasts?

    I feel so out of step. 4 pm is beer oclock for me and has been for 20 years.

    I’m trying to put my clock forward to 5 pm to be more respectable. But even that’s a token effort.

    I went to Galería Pacifico today as I like a little coffee shop in there. It was about 1 pm when I got there and 1.30 or so when I left. In 33 years I have never seen the food court there so busy. It was completely rammed. On a Thursday lunchtime.

    Not everyone is sucking on cardboard.

    When I see the time and effort put into paying bills here, that would have me heading back to Europe to swap one set of problems for another.

    There’s a counter in the Western Union office I go to for paying bills. I assume it’s bills like this, utilities etc?

    I got a full refund with no issues. I’m back in the Microcentro now for a few nights whilst I choose my next Airbnb a bit more carefully.

    The place I stayed gets good reviews and is a Superhost place. My experience was somewhat different to that of previous guests and I wouldn’t even consider myself that fussy.

    Never mind!

    TravelAddict it’s good to see you keeping in touch on the forum And maintaining an interest. A Baggies fan as I recall. And in the playoffs I think?

    Ok, not an update I wish to make but all part of the 6 month experience.

    I’m 3 nights into an 18 night stay somewhere around Alto Palermo. 23 night stay including a preceding 5 nights in a really nice apartment around the corner.

    I’ve lodged some observations with the landlord tonight and received some short bitchy retorts. So I escalated to a full refund of what’s left of the experience. I don’t know how that goes.

    Airbnb in case I didn’t say.

    In summary, hairs in the bed, a hair top shelf of the fridge, a heating system that doesn’t get warm enough. Plus other matters.

    I’m probably back in the Ibis Obelisco tomorrow whilst I rethink accommodation ahead of Olivos in 2 weeks

    You can post what you want serafina on this discussion and it’s all relevant.

    I get a strong sense you're ready for your trip back to Europe and you deserve it!

    I too had a situation in the Microcentro where correcting the fuck up would have seen them gaining more by way of a tip than the fuck up got them.

    My best wishes to you serafina

    Thanks serafina I feel I’m Still figuring this area out as I’m not familiar with it in a detailed sense. I’m not where foreigners tend to stay in Soho or Hollywood and some way from there still I guess.

    Also Im not that thrilled with my Airbnb. I’m here until the 29th when I head to Olivos.

    I’m back to work in the morning anyway so let’s see how the week goes.