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    I am traveling to Buenos Aires in June. I am 42 and will be staying at least a month. I plan on staying in either downtown BA, or Palermo.

    My son will be staying with the Boca Juniors soccer club, so I will have all week to my own to explore. We are considering emigrating from the US to either Argentina or Uruguay.

    Anyone willing to shed light on how they exchange their national currency? Do you do this at banks, or change houses? Is there one that you that you prefer? Do any of you do remote work, are paid in Euros and Dollars, and convert it? Are there tax issues you have?

    Are there any good festivals, or cultural events that take place during June? Or are those more summertime events?

    Is it relatively easy to get to and from Bariloche, Salta and other getaway locations during weekends in June? Or is the weather outside of the coast not great in June?

    Would love to meet anyone for coffee or a beer as well. Hopefully the world calms down by then.