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    Thanks, GlasgowJohn.

    That's good to know, I didn't know you could send yourself pesos and have it paid at the blue rate. The official rate for GBP/ARS is only 141 today. Is it trustworthy for large amounts though? I have a lot of maintenance work to do on my house.

    Re: DNI, there is something called the DNI Extranjero but I'm a bit wary of getting one. Do you start having to file tax returns once you have a DNI? I wouldn't have to pay any income tax (I don't earn in Argentina, just spend) but

    all these forms take time to fill in and I don't want another complication in my life.

    Are you aware of any stored value debit cards which someone a without a DNI can get, in order to pay for things online? If these exist (like Monzo/Revolut in the UK) this may be ideal for me.

    Hi, can anyone give me advice on whether it's possible to have an Argentine bank account.

    I've traveled to Argentina about 30 times in the last 15 years, always as a tourist, for about 60 days a year. We have a house here.

    I'm wondering if a foreigner can open a local bank account in order to transfer money, buy stuff on mercadolibre, pay domestic staff etc. I normally bring in USD and change to pesos at the blue rate, but I feel like a bank robber these days carrying huge wedges of cash around!

    Also, using a foreign card to pay for things online like domestic flights and hotels etc. is very expensive.

    I have a UK passport and driving license. I don't have and don't particularly want a DNI, in case I get problems with the tax police.