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    Joseph Rosenbaum & Anthony Huber Criminal Records Explored
    Joseph Rosenbaum & Anthony Huber Criminal Records Explored. We've decided to tell you the criminal records of the men shot in Kenosha shooting.

    No I was not mistaken all three men that Rittenhouse shot were not fine upstanding citizens but all were ex felons. Yes I am correct while I can't know how the mirrors voted in past presidential elections Wisconsin is a very divided state so no doubt some of the jurrors we're Democrats. The Jury obviously didn't think that the men Rittenhouse shot were just trying to disarm him they indeed were trying to kill him .


    Splinter ,

    My bad. The District Attroney should never of filled charges against Rittenhouse especially in light of the video evidence but did so strictly for political reasons to appease the BLM movement and hopefully prevent new rioting in Kenosha.


    The only thing that has changed in the gun story is the new, conspiracy-theory-fed denialism, i.e., “the Sandy Hook school shooting never happened, but was an invention by the evil Mainstream Media.”

    Oh yes, and the apotheosis of killers as martyrs.

    Not sure what Sandy Hook has to do with Rittenhouse. The video clearly shows Rittenhouse acted in self defense. Yes the US has a loony right which denied the Sandy Hook shooting especially by Alex Jones. One can be against the Looney Right and still aquit Rittenhouse and not be a supporter of Trump and associated causes. No doubt many or most of the jurors on the trial were Democrats as Democrats do well in urban Wisconsin. In recent presidential elections especially the last one Wisconsin votes for the Democratic Party Candidate for president but not always by a huge margin.


    Rittenhouse was not a vigilante as the owners of the car dealership begged for protection as the Kenosha police were unable to protect the people and property of Kenosha. The Governor of Wisconsin despite days of rioting failed to mobilize the Wisconsin National Guard. Rittenhouse didn't punish criminals as he saw fit but lawfully protected himself per Wisconsin state law. Yes it does matter that ex felons did try to kill Rittenhouse but as the British said " scored own goal". The District Attroney spent eight days arguing that Rittenhouse violated the law when per the jury Rittenhouse did not. Citizens have the right to protect themselves from criminals especially if the police can't or won't.


    So let's see if I get this straight. A convicted sex offender tries to kill Rittenhouse who is trying to put out a fire while defending a car dealership from rioters. A second man tries to break Rittenhouse's head open with a skate board while a third man tries to shoot at him. All three men Rittenhouse shot were ex felons. Rittenhouse is aquited of all charges and the judge is a Democrat appointed by a Democrat and yet Rittenhouse is the bad guy .

    What am I missing?


    I had my car window smashed in Culver City one of the lowest crime cities in Los Angeles County and nothing was taken. If you can avoid living in a country without a car it's a blessing.

    Now if you live in Argentina and own or rent a house they have a great dog breed the Dogo Argentina but you have to make friends with the local butcher cause they are not a small and dainty dog.


    If one is concerned about health care for Covid then one should be concerned about health care overall. Covid is here to stay. If a country doesn't have acceptable health care then just don't go there regardless of Covid or just take a chance.

    Danger is relative. I went on my Honeymoon in 1990 to El Salvador because that was where my wife is from during a vicious civil war not out of a sense being brave or adventurous.

    I went there again in 1991 when the civil war was still ongoing. My wife and my kids have been going there for years. I told her it wasn't a good idea but she went anyway.

    The UK is like anywhere else there are cities in the UK that are more dangerous by crime rates then the US and Mexico and some cities in the UK are less dangerous then some cities in the US and Mexico.

    Belfast during the Troubles had half the per capita homicide rate of the US.

    That's not to say Belfast was as safe as say Irvine and Valencia California during the Troubles just as a whole Belfast was still safer then many American big cities despite the the various terror groups.


    List of countries by intentional homicide rate by decade - Wikipedia

    So on a per capita basis Northern Ireland was far more dangerous then the US from 1972 to 1976 but much less dangerous on a per capita homicide basis by 1978 and in the 1980s safer then the US. So safety go through stages. Today Medellin , Columbia is safer then some US cities vs the 1980s.

    That doesn't mean certain parts of Columbia don't have Marxist guerrillas,Narcos and right wing death squads they do you just have to know where to go and where not to go.


    Covid doesn't concern me because all one can do is get vaccinated and hope for the best. Covid most likely will always be with us just like Bubonic Plague. At least thirty percent of the population in the West just won't get vaccinated so Vivid will live forever and mutate endlessly.


    Leftyhunter , which countries would you point to as offering both safety and good value?

    The US State Department rates Kyrgstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan as tier 1 safe countries safer then Western Europe. Poland and Hungary have fairly low crime rates.

    Mexico is a mixed bag there are parts that are safe such has Mederia, Mexico that are much safer the many North American and West European cities but they do have some very dangerous cities and region's.


    Leftyhunter , which countries would you point to as offering both safety and good value?

    Crime Comparison Between Miami, FL, United States And Warsaw, Poland. Safety Comparison.

    If safety and cost are a concern Warsaw beats Miami Florida quite a bit.


    Not all of the UK is expensive. Its just the major cities, especially ones that are modernising

    That could be but most tourists go to the big cities and England means London to most folks. Of course there are small towns but how many tourists go there?


    Crime Comparison Between London, United Kingdom And Jerusalem, Israel. Safety Comparison.

    So in terms of safety Jerusalem beats London easily but cost wise maybe a wash.


    Crime Comparison Between Los Angeles, CA, United States And London, United Kingdom. Safety Comparison.

    Los Angeles is a bit safer then London and the costs would be maybe a little less in LA.


    In Argentina is Scotch and Irish Whiskey subject to high tarriff's? In the US we do have tarriff's on whiskey hopefully they will be lowered. In the US at least last time I looked 18 year old Glenvelvet was $80 USD. What would the price be for something if that caliber in Argentina? Do Argentinians buy the good stuff in Paraguay because it's cheaper?

    Guinness is good but in the US we have stouts at least as good from many microbreweries.Does Argentina have microbreweries?


    I once read in a US Army book about the history of the Vietnam War that as part of President Johnson's " more flags over Vietnam" program Argentina did send military advisors to South Vietnam. Does anyone know anything about that?

    The only other Latin American in country that got involved in the war in Vietnam was Honderous who's Airforce flew supply missions to South Vietnam I don't know to much about that either.


    Thank you to all who replied. Cordova is worl famous for dove hunting since the European Do e is constant an agricultural pest there's no season and no limit. In California the Euro dove has the same status vs the the Mourning Dove and Mexican White wing Dove which has limits.

    If things get to expensive then yes I would have to try my luck elsewhere.So apparently Expats are mostly in the major cities.

    When I was in El Salvador during the Guera de Civil I went to a Casa de Cambio to exchange money so in a somewhat small town I would have to look around for a " Blue Rate" individual. I guess say the local waitress or small business owner would get me in touch with one.

    On YouTube various ways are discussed but if the general concensus is just have Western Union vs my bank which is Well Fargo to wire me money then I pay a fee and still get a better rate.

    Sounds complicated but I guess it is what it is.

    What's the general consensus on say living in Paraguay and or Uraguay since I could always cross the border?


    So I know something about the crime rate in Los Angeles County since I work armed security and it's getting bad . Crime is more or less legal at least on the West Coast and apparently all over the US. So what's like in Argentina? I understand it was very low not to long ago but now it's in the upswing. I hope I am wrong. In California it's very difficult to get a carry permit for a handgun vs many states no permit is required " Constitutional Carry". In California it's legal to carry pepper spray and a Tazer with an easy to get permit. Not sure how things work in Argentina.

    Thanks again


    Hi folks,

    New guy here. I am 59 but will be sixty come January. I live in Culver City , in Los Angeles County which is not a great place for hunting and fishing. I hope to retire on Social Security at age 62. I hope as a single male I can live not in the big cities but say Cordoba or maybe in the mountains for 1,400 USD a month.

    I did flyfishing once in Puchon, Chile which is I believe sixty or so miles from Argentina so I love the Southern region of South America.

    Can foreigners own hunting rifles and shotguns in Argentina with some sort of permit? I imagine handguns are not legal for forigeners.

    Ideally I would rent a small house in the country and buy a used car.

    Is the food in Argentina similar to Chile? I imagine once one is away from the big cities one must know Spanish very well. In Los Angeles County most or a good sized percentage of Spanish speakers are Mexican followed by El Salvadoreans and Guatemalans so I would think it's a bit different Spanish or is it like American vs Australian English?

    We do have Argentians of course but there a relatively small part of the Spanish speaking population.

    Any answers would be welcome. I would if possible in a rural setting like to live nearby English speaking Expats.

    Thanking people in advance,