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    Part of me wants the Trumptard to lose in landslide............. The other part lets him win, as the Democrat's take the House and Senate and Impeachment proceeding begin on Jan 3rd. On Jan 20 he's lead out of the WH in handcuffs. Moscow Mitch is removed and indited and Billy Barr is Impeached and disbarred. Then just to make the day complete Lindsey Graham joins a convent.

    There will be a battle as Moscow Mitch and his band of hypocritical knuckle daggers attempt to do exactly what they prevented in 2016. Womens rights are under attack again and we march boldly into the past..

    Automatic weapons in US airports? When? Where?

    Never fear. The amazing dotard, Donald Trump the man who fired half of the US's epidemic preparedness team and the head of the Pandemic team, and scaled back CDC budgets, now says " it's all but under control". While the CDC is forcing the moron to recognize that this is serious stuff. [deadly serious] There may be a cure for Corona but there is no cure for stupidity.

    Not so, UK Man . Yesterday “his” attorney general intervened in the sentencing phase of the president’s henchman Roger Stone, prompting the resignation from the case of 4 prosecutors.

    Having bullied the republican legislators into submission, erasing the line of separation of powers between the executive branch and the legislative branch, he is also breaching the formerly sacred separation of powers between the executive and judicial branches. For those who have seen how the K’s did this in Argentina, this takeover should look familiar.

    I’ve been thinking of the obvious analogy with Germany too, but in 1933, not 2020.

    He's tinkering with the Big Stuff and it is extremely dangerous. The Justice Dept and the Supreme Court and the Military are BIG STUFF. And Trump does't have the mental horsepower to manage his own hip shots. It's a Dotard.

    UK Man , there’s no way you could know that the NY Post is a disreputable tabloid. I don’t know the sleaze mongers in the UK, either

    But even their account doesn’t dispute the fact that the president had earlier ignored her proffered handshake when he first came to the podium. So it is hard to say that SHE started it. Quite simply.

    it has been said that those who come into contact with him are inevitably drawn down to his level. I’m sorry that the Speaker resorted to an undignified response, in her attempt to remind people that the speech was filled with exaggerations, half truths, and complete fabrications. In her shoes, I’m not sure what I would have done.

    Trump is toxic at every level and stupid beyond belief. He is living proof that the democratic system can and does fail. Trump remediation will take 10 years.

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