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    serafina, since you hold an Italian passport, surely the health officials will allow you to receive the vaccine while you’re there, not caring if you’re there as a tourist or undocumented farm worker, but considering this another chance to stop the spread and save lives?

    I believe they are not yet in the stage where they have a surplus of vaccines to hand out.

    Right now, the only provision is for those who are formally resident abroad (hence, no longer enrolled in the national healthcare system and not entitled to basic healthcare coverage) but that have been stuck in Italy, unable to go back to the country where they reside or because they are spending a few months in Italy for some reason (for example, to assist a sick relative but also to simply renovate / maintain their property in there).

    This new provision was introduced at the end of May because the Ministry of Health recognized that those people, who are effectively living in Italy, were excluded from the national vaccination campaign but could pose a risk to others if not vaccinated.

    However, today I investigated further and this requires a stay of minimum three months in Italy - otherwise it is just a vacation. You have to sign a sworn declaration and you are facing a suit if you lie. Lovely, shitaly!

    I don't mind the self-isolation period of 10 days (which was eased today for people coming from other European countries and low risk countries - Argentina is still high risk), I would appreciate a vaccine, but my country has always made very clear that you are either all in (pay taxes, get free healthcare) or are out. Once you are out, you're on your own. The only stuff they did based merely on holding a passport, was minimum pensions for the elders... something that I do not agree with since there are people who have an Italian passport but never lived (nor worked = contributed) in Italy. There are many in Argentina...

    The situation is also valid for Argentinians abroad. Thanks to Cristina, every Argentinian is entitled to a basic pension. This applies merely based on nationality and age and not on residency. I have a friend in the US whose Argentinian grandma (born in Argentina, she left in the '70s) currently receives a 300 USD monthly pension in the US (paid in USD to her US bank account). The same pension will be given to her daughter (born in the US, never lived in Argentina), once she reaches the required age. So far, she is too young, but when the time comes, she plan on getting her Argentinian citizenship and pension.

    Outrageous pricing on the PCR, serafina .

    Once you’re in Italy, will you be able to stay long enough to get both doses of the vaccine?

    They don't vaccinate tourists, in Europe (except in San Marino)

    I could take domicile in Italy and enroll in the public healthcare temporarily, but I am not sure that it's worth it for 40 days. And of the tax implications.

    I have set my mind on going home this month. For now, I have found a great fare with KLM/Air France through Google Matrix ITA. One novelty is that the basic fare (€676 Buenos Aires to Milan) only includes 1x hand luggage and an unspecified 'personal equipment' (purse) for a total of 12 kg. If you want also 1x 23 kg suitcase, you have to pay €50 more and from the 2nd piece onward, it's €80/piece.

    I will have to get a PCR 72 hr before leaving and sign a DDJJ 48 hours before traveling.

    Laboratorio Aclimu - $6000 - with optional English results at no added cost

    Laboratorio Rossi - $8400

    Aeroparque o Ezeiza - $6000

    Central Lab.- $6500 or $7000 (domicilio)

    VZ Lab - $6500 or $7500 (domicilio)

    WiriLab- $6000 (Palermo Hollywood) or $6500 (domicilio)

    DaxLab $7000

    Imat - $7430

    Diagnostico Maipú - $7000

    Stamboulian - $ ???

    What does it change what you answer? I mean, they aren't checking on you at home. Answer Argentina, go home and go out the next day. It is just a checkmark on a file.

    My friend who travelled from the US said they were simply calling him on his mobile phone to check on his health. He could have been anywhere. And there is nobody checking your ID or your health records when you go out and about.

    After reading the current rules, they do not make much sense. You are exempt from the self-isolation period if you need to attend a medical appointment in your target country. It would be one of the reasons of my visit and I was calculating my potential stay taking into account that I should stay locked up for 10 days before I can even out my nose out of home (just to get a second PCR!)... instead I find out I can go out on the next day if it is to go to a medical appointment.

    It seems silly.

    With many countries already allowing tourists in, it seems I could take a vacation elsewhere in Europe and then head to Italy and avoid any self-isolation period and be in compliance.

    They aren't the ones checking your certification. It is my understanding they have other personnel that merely check the certificate and ASK the question. Of course this may vary depending on the country / airport /time of the day.

    Today I investigated this further... to be able to leave, I need a PCR test within 72 hrs from my departure. It costs 7800 ARS.

    Upon arrival, I have to do another PCR for 85 EUR and isolate for 10 days. After that, I need to do a further PCR or an antigen test (from 55 EUR the antigen, and from 85 EUR the PCR).

    To come back I have to do another PCR within 72 from departure, so another 85 EUR, and then an antigen one upon arrival (2500 ARS).

    All the saving in the ticket goes toward COVID-19 tests. That's close to 300 EUR in COVID-19 tests.

    Not to mention if when coming back I am found positive like Rice 's friend... should I also pay for the hotel or can I isolate elsewhere?

    Since Argentina is on the red list for travel to the UK, a ten day hotel stay is mandatory regardless of whether you've had the jab. It's also stated that, coming from a red list country, you would need a British passport or residency, so I would have to travel alone even if I decided to travel in the first place.

    Imagine being stuck in a hotel room for ten days?

    I haven't researched in depth the issue. So far, I am in the fantasy stage, but with just $753 USD round trip to Milan via Amsterdam, I am VERY tempted. You can enter Italy on an Italian passport for personal or health or business reasons. A friend flew in from LA and he said it is all self-reported. They simply call you on you mobile mobile to check if you are self-quarantining. You can quarantine at home, so that would be no concern. I also think nobody would want to meet me coming from a red list country, but my immediate family, which is also fine.

    I haven't been home in three years and I have a medical device to get checked/replaced. If shipping was an option, I would consider it. But since we are in F**-me-customs la-la-la-land, that option is not on the table. I am also asking to my uncle, who lives in the UAE, if I could get vaccinated over there.

    coming from a red list country

    I know that people overcome this by making a stop over in a non-red flag list (can be any European country, at this point).

    I still not understand if Argentina never pays, if they pay late, or if they pay what they want and when they can/want.

    Richer countries and 'inversionistas' keep lending to Argentina at extortion rates, Argentina keeps borrows because it is a bottomless hole...

    At this point, I don't know whose fault it is or perhaps it is a game that both parties are willing to play.

    Maybe go online and read about the Sputnik trials, to see if there was any recommended time interval published then?

    And how does this change his situation? It is not like he can go out and buy the 2nd shot himself or knock on his doctor's door to reclaim his 2nd dose.

    I have asked to my uncle in the UAE if it is possible to buy a vaccine as a tourist over there.

    Well, there is money to be made, at least for TV rights, so someone will surely grab a piece of the cake.

    I think cancelling it is the most sensible thing to do, but not very practical since other sports have resumed and if the players actually isolated themselves, they could really ensure a cover-free tournament. Instead, I strongly suspect that the Sunday asado is still strong... that's where they get exposed, and the cascade resumes!

    The miracles that medicine works!!

    First it was two doses 3 weeks apart or nothing, then it was 'actually a it is not a required 2nd dose, just a booster, and if done after 3 months is as equally as effective'. Then it changed to 'can't get a second shot? 1 is better than none'. Now it is '1 is enough, 1 is good!'

    The more they speak about it, the more effective it becomes! If only it worked the same also for dieting... I would be modeling by now!

    There are several factors that play against China:

    1) Historically, they do not have a great reputation for honesty, integrity, human rights, hygiene, food, animal care, free information etc.

    2) They didn't let the WHO commissioners in when they went for a survey/study.

    3) They were very quick to act and closed (with nails) people in their houses. So it seemed they became well aware of what was happening sooner than anybody else. In Europe they were still trying to decide if a virus was there or not and if business meetings and fairs should be called off...

    4) They suddenly announced they had a consistent drop in cases, and ever since it seemed like a drill at home, while the rest of the world is in shambles with thousands of deaths even in those countries with the most advanced facilities and scientists.

    Accidental leaks and infection of lab personnel happened and will happen. However, it never assumed the scale this virus has reached.