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    American funerals are one of a kind. Never been to one, but from movies it seems a pretty big business.

    When my grandfather died, after the burial at the cemetery, we invited close family at my grandfather's to have a snack. This was because some relatives were traveling from afar. Many declined because they prefer to head back home during daylight.

    Overall, it wasn't a bad idea because it provided some distraction on a sad day. There was no catering like in the US, we simply ordered some sweet and savory snacks for a cold buffet. We also don't embalm people so there is no open casket, which in movies seems to offer plenty

    of material to develop further the story.

    Those who want to see the deceased, can do so before the funeral.

    A few weeks ago, I went to get a neck massage and the guy was putting on the mask only to open and close the building door to accompany clients in and out of his studio. In the massage room, he told me I could take it off during the massage (I was face down on the table). I declined and he told me he got covid-19 with high fever for two days, but he took chlorhexidine and it was over.

    I have never returned since.

    I know my dumb tissue mask is worth nothing, and that going anywhere is a risk. But I won't dive in head first.

    Yes, that's true. But I don't think you can really separate the various aspects since religion dictated the way we live and think and eat and dress, the way we marry and judge people and situations and interact socially. It has done so for thousand of years and for most people, it still does. If you go to the bottom of the issue, the State will tell you to carve room for your own religion, but religion never tells to carve room for the State. So I don't think you can really have both.

    I agree with your POV but I don't think it is reciprocated by religious people.

    I also think that when you move to a different country, you should be ready to compromise (unless you think you can change the other country, but in this case I wouldn't talk of emigration but of colonization) and often this compromise interferes with your culture/religion/beliefs.

    He was trying to say that Argentina grew quickly because of European immigration but he messed up.

    Yeah, and then 'froze' in time as soon as the Europeans stopped coming, their descendant absorbed the local customs, and people from the rest of Latin American kept flowing in.

    It is very hard to talk about this topic without offending anyone. There is a lot of criticism toward 'European superiority', but people keep emigrating to countries that foster the same culture they criticize at home. Obviously, I am biased because I think that the world I grew in is better than the world I never knew and never lived in. However, when I see many peoples from countries trying to move to Europe, Argentina or the US/Canada, I really wonder WHY of all 100+ countries in the World, so many people are all trying to go there.

    'cause if you say that 'Western society is more developed' is okay, but if you say 'Western culture is better' is racist.

    Looks like it according to what they're saying. I'm not so sure though, unless they think the ones they're giving away are no longer working?

    They have a surplus of vaccines expiring soon, so they are giving them away where they are still needed.

    This is the number of "Italians" registered abroad in 2020 according to the Italian Foreign Ministry. The only reason Brazil has almost half than Argentina, is because it takes 10-12 years to get an appointment for Italian citizenship in Brazil. Otherwise, it would be much higher.

    If Alberto meant that there was more extermination and racial cleansing in Argentina, I can agree. But it really came off like 'we come from a cultured world, while you were stuck to life 2000 years ago'. Which would be also true for Argentina if they hadn't exterminated indigenous population.

    As usual, online Memes on the latest mishap are the funniest!


    I can see where Argentina inherited its bureaucracy from and I'm surprised to hear about police controls. Are those random just like here?

    According to my parents, they don't check people walking, but they could stop cars for random controls (usual traffic controls at this point, as there is free circulation).

    Also, there is no guarantee that rules on free movements won't change all of a sudden. My parents live each in a different region, so I expect to cross the regional border a few times during my stay. While I believe it is unlikely that they will close the borders during summer, I'd rather avoid surprises. The UK has instituted quarantine for people coming back from Portugal in a blink of an eye...

    I don't like the idea of taking public transport, yet. Perhaps rental cars come with a contract that covers also drivers with no international driving permit, but I will be driving private vehicles. And in Milan there is the inner part of the city where you have to pay (I think €5-8) to enter for a day.

    To be honest, I too have heard about people driving with their foreign license even years after moving abroad (not just in Italy, about anywhere). I just want one less thing to worry about since I am going there to solve a few bureaucratic tangles already. I don't need one more and I don't want to waste time arguing against bureaucracy. You always lose... even if just your time arguing!

    Update of the day: my re-print has been turned down because it is more than 30 days to its expiration date (26/09/21).

    I have an option to resubmit later using the same payments or ask for a refund. My husband votes for the refund. I see this as something complicate to accomplish.

    I just want to get it because I will be driving my mother's car quite a bit, and I am afraid of police controls. They tend to make a fuss at anything unusual. I also have an expired Italian ID, so I would need to carry around my passport at all time, which is annoying (and risky!).

    I am in the process to get my Italian DL renewed but I hit a bump: I lost the expired card after I went to the Consulate to get the paperwork done, and this seems to be an unsurmountable hurdle in Italy, where the physical card should be printed.

    Needless to say, renewing an Italian DL while abroad is not as simple as a US or US license and cannot be done by mail.

    We have to take a physical examination with one of the two doctors registered with the consulate, then go to the local Consulate with the old plastic card, the doctor's paperwork, pay about €40, and we get a piece of paper where it says that the DL was renewed for another 10 years. However,DL printers aren't available abroad, so when I go to Italy I have to go to the DMV, and bring the old card plus the consular paperwork.

    Since I wasn't planning to go to Italy, I sent the paperwork to my father, who in turn used the Italian 'ACA' to handle the renewal. However, at the DMV they didn't like the lack of expired DL and the process is stuck at the DMV in Italy. I don't know why it is so important to get the old, expired card back. It is a worthless piece of plastic, anyway!

    A little pleasant surprise today.

    I was able to pay the libre de deuda ($500) which I wasn't able to pay online through the bank yesterday. Oddly, the DL re-print fee was processed through a payment system and the no-fine-pending certificate by another. Thank God, today my payment at the the Pagofacil was processed immediately. I then called 147 to know if there was a way to speed up the issuance of the replacement card, or if I could pick it up somewhere instead of waiting for it in the mail (when I did my DL in CABA, they print it on the spot at the Comuna 14 building).

    The 147 phone op. didn't know and told me to email a certain address - which I did. No reply so far.

    Then I called ACA to find out the last date available to get the international driving permit and if it was done on the spot (yes). The lady on the phone said that since I still have 3 months left with my current DL card, they can issue the international permit on that and once I receive the new card, I can use it with that, too. This is different than what I knew from abroad, i.e. the international driving permit is valid for 12 months but it is associated with the DL. When the DL expires sooner than 12 months, the international permit loses validity. They should also be presented hand in hand because the permit alone has no value.

    The only explanation I can think of is that in Argentina the DL has the same number of one's DNI, so it doesn't change. This is not true in Italy. If the international driving permit references my DNI, I am all set.

    I was given an appointment for this Wednesday, so I will post an update in two days.

    To bring to the appointment:

    1) Original + copy of my DL

    2) Original + copy of my DNI

    3) 2x pictures (fotocarnet)

    4) 1500 ARS

    My European DL has expired and hence I am trying to get an international driving permit associated with my Argentinian DL before I leave. Only ACA does this (for $1500 - USD 10 at the current blue rate). The International driving permit is valid for 1 year at most, and it is associated with the DL it was issued for.

    Which means that my Argentinian license, whose expiration date is September 2021, would get an international DL valid for less than 3 months.

    This would be plenty of time since I should leave Europe in August, however, I am trying to kill two birds with one stone...

    As you may know, expiring DLs have been automatically extended for another year or two because of the pandemic. However, you aren't issued a new card... unless you have to get an international driving permit or present a VALID physical DL somewhere.

    My Sunday was spent for the trámite de reimpresión which has to be requested online on the City of Buenos Aires website, costs $750 plus $500 for the no infraction certificate which turned out impossible to pay.

    They say they will process my request within 3 working days and the whole thing should take up to 10 working days. Add a feriani Nacional on June 21, and the 10th working day would be the day of my departure... :beatdeadhorse:

    Request a new DL card with the extended expiration date in CABA

    I have spent my morning trying to figure out the traveling requirements. Not only you have to comply with the requirements to leave your departure country and to enter your destination, but also those of your transit country.

    I am going through Paris on the outbound flight and through Amsterdam on my way back. Since Argentina is considered a very high risk country with 'variants of interests', I get the strictest requirements... In France, they require a PCR test done less than 36 hours before boarding or a PCR test less than 72 hours + an antigen test done within 24 hours. It is not clear if *before boarding* means before boarding in Argentina on my way to Paris, or before boarding in Paris for my last leg to Milan.

    For all you newbies, the PCR is the swab up your nose whose results takes hours, whereas the antigen test is the nose swab known as 'quick test' which is ready within minutes (30') but is less accurate.

    The PCR test takes 3 hour in Ezeiza, but no lab in Buenos Aires can be as quick - except Diagnostico Maipú which guarantees results on the same day if you get swabbed in the morning.

    However, given that I have to

    1) upload the PCR results to fill in online the DJ required to leave Argentina (to be presented in Ezeiza to leave)

    2) be at the airport at least 2-3 hrs before take off to check-in

    3) arrive in Paris 13+ hours later with a test done lass than 36 hours prior

    It is proving quite hard to meet all of the requirements. I don't want to go to Ezeiza five hours before departure nor to run like crazy to upload the PCR results for the DJ at the airport and perhaps have it in print for when I land in Paris.

    I will call Central Lab tomorrow to see if they can guarantee a quicker turnaround. So far, my swab has been booked for June 22 at 7 AM, which means that I should get the results on my departure day very early in the morning, right before leaving. I have read on the Internet that they are usually quicker, but can they guarantee it? Otherwise, I could take an antigen test at EZE before leaving, so that I get the results while I am flying, ready to show in Paris.

    My flight leaves at 1:30 PM on Wed 23, so that doesn't help. I understand that people flying in the afternoon/evening may have more options.

    I wasn't / am not eager to travel during a pandemic, but stuff to sort home started to pile up and my mother 'threatened' to visit later this year, so I took the plunge!

    It is also worth noting that app developers may continue to maintain their app even if Apple is not offering support of an older iOS version. Another note is Apple's seven-year support is excellent service in my opinion and I think 7 years is fair considering most people will change their phone in that time. For comparison, Samsung only supports phones for four years.

    Still, Apple made a point to pay more for their product because they last longer... However, 7 years is still half the duration of their products. Our Apple devices are all old and we are starting to experience software issues (no hardware issue for the most part).

    Each of us has an iMac, a Macbook, an iPad, and an iPhone.

    Except for the iPhones, which are just three years old, the other Apple devices are from 2014 or earlier. As such, their OS is no longer updated and some apps / softwares are no longer compatible.

    The most tedious part is that the icloud (which allowed to share stuff across devices) has cross-OS compatibility issues. I.e. we cannot sync our modern iPhone with the older computer/iPads.

    The iPads are running slow, and the apps often freeze and shut down unexpectedly. They also navigate slowly (or perhaps we got used to navigating at higher speed from other devices).

    One thing that has remained consistent is touch sensitivity. The screens are always very reactive, and the slow interaction is entirely software. Aesthetically they just have minor dents but are still good-looking (we also used them with a case and only at home since we moved here, which certainly helped).

    At this point, I would like to upgrade the devices but I am not sure if it would be better to try and sell what I have here in Argentina, and buy 2nd hand in Europe; or trade-in my old iPad in Europe for a newer model. Last time I went home, my cousins brought me to Chinatown and I traded my old Macbook, which had serious issues (booting issues) for a newer model for €300. I was very happy with the exchange because the newer model is 15" Retina and the screen is AMAZING. If only I could do the same with the iMac...

    Thanks for sharing!

    Definitely don't make and bring any minor children before leaving :)

    For those going to the EU, there is also an EU form to be filled in. In the US, they accept the antigen test (cheaper) but in Argentina they want the PCR test to exit and enter.

    Most countries have an online tool where you can select where you are traveling from, where are you stopping over and the reason of your travel - and it will return the instructions (forms, isolation, kind of tests(s) to be done).

    Yesterday they lessened the requirements to move between European countries (no more self-isolation for 10 days).