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    Yeah many odd and unreal sounding posts. I appreciate his idea to create another expat or an in-english online community for Buenos Aires / Argentina. Though not sure if this is the way to build a trusting place for web surfers to hangout. If there are no honest questions or answers from real people then it is just an archive of information pretending to be a community forum.

    If he really has deep pockets to make a good website he should be able to pay for better ideas outside of scraping content from another website. Also is it allowed to just copy and paste the entire contents of news articles of WSJ, Reuters, Bloomberg, AP? Usually fair-use copyright allows a snippet and a link, not all the words and photos, right?

    Enforcement of copyright in Argentina is sketchy at the best - have you seen the photocopied textbooks for sale near UBA? - but the site is a .com so US copyright law ought to apply. Splinter will probably tell us.

    Looks like a very atmospheric old pub. Please don’t shatter my image by telling me they now have video poker.

    See for yourself:

    Duck and Drake

    A bunch of people who used to participate in a no-longer-extant Yorkshire-themed online forum would meet up for a drink a few times a year and the "Mucky Duck" was a popular venue. Another favourite in Leeds was the Nag and Fart. (Horse and Trumpet on the inn sign.)

    Last night, EQDSO watched this:

    Watch Bank of Dave | Netflix Official Site
    After big financial institutions fail the people in his small town, a self-made car dealer decides to fight the odds and set up his own local bank.

    We've been to Burnley (it was closed) and, over the years, to a whole host of other northern English towns and cities and, as she told me this morning, she jumped up in the middle of the film exclaiming to nobody in particular, "That pub's not in Burnley, it's in Leeds!" I think we could safely say she's getting to know some parts of England rather well!

    I'll be back in Buenos Aires from next week so I suppose I'll be expected to watch Bank of Dave if only for the location shots. It was a real, genuine, heartwarming event when it happened and affected the mood of the country much as Marcus Rashford and the School Dinners or Refuge's campaign against domestic violence. How accurately the movie portrays this I don't know (yet) but I have a feeling that I will, next week.

    An American might find this handy when visiting Blighty!

    I think you are making this measuring thing far too easy for Rice Measuring beer alone is far more complicated than that - ask any singer of traditional English folk songs:

    Well, here's good luck to the barrel,

    Good luck to the barleymow.

    Jolly good luck to the barrel,

    Good luck to the barleymow.

    Oh, the barrel,




    Quart pot,

    Pint pot,

    Half a pint,


    Half a gill,

    Quarter gill,



    Then the brown bowl.

    Here's good luck, good luck,

    Good luck to the barleymow.

    (I don't think the pipperkin is a thing - it's just added to make the lines scan - but all the rest of them are real measures.)


    I used to think that I found fat people of either sex uncomfortable to be with until, in a professional setting, I encountered a heavyweight woman wrestler. Yes really. I was teaching adult literacy classes at that time, since you asked. She was enormous with rolls of flesh you wouldn't believe. But she absolutely loved her body and was so comfortable in her own skin that she just radiated contentment. And that was the point at which I realised that I felt uncomfortable in the company of people who felt uncomfortable in themselves regardless of their size: it was just the big ones who -er- stood out.

    I'd suggest that the same philosophical issues are present when considering the use of products made by bad or immoral producers as exist when considering the output of bad or immoral artists. I read this book last year:

    Human Verification

    It doesn't set out to provide the reader with answers - in fact it provokes even more questions than the reader probably started with - but it may help the reader organise their thoughts about these issues.

    This will tell you the price of remedies, etc at the pharmacy counter.

    Home - Precios de remedios
    Puede buscar por producto ej: simponi, reumosan, gemcitabina, nifedipina, ciproterona. Por droga, ej: yodo, risperidona, clozapina, aloe, metronidazol. Por…

    If you are on a plan or a member of an obera sociale you will probably receive a discount on the list price of between 20% - 80%.

    Anyway the missus has told me I've got an appointment this Friday with the scary woman chest doctor.

    Poor doctor! It's not her fault that she has a scary woman chest!

    I'm sure Splinter has already seen this article from yesterday in The Register:

    YouTube cares less for your privacy than its revenues
    Ad blockers are firewalls for our sanity – turning them off is madness

    One of the writer's thoughts struck a chord: back in the days of paper magazines (remember them?) we used to enjoy browsing the advertisements because they were targeted at the people who were interested enough in the subject to actually buy a magazine. What Google Ads and in the context of the article YouTube does is to blast ads based on the highest advertising bidder at auction and uses other opaque algorithms. It's quite an interesting article though the BTL comments go off topic very fast.

    At least two other expat sites use specialist ad agencies to deliver ads that are relevant to their readers. ExpatExchange is for Americans expatriating anywhere and I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader to determine what BritishExpats is about. Would there be any mileage - or more importantly, money - in trying a similar approach with this forum?