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    Okay, so I know you don't like to get involved in family disputes but here goes anyway...

    Beer Bottle Deposits.

    You take the bottles back to the shop, put them into the machine and the equipment prints out a refund ticket. If you are lucky the amount refunded is as much as the original deposit but as often as not it seems to be less, but there you go (shrug) But that's not what we disagree about.

    Where EQDSO and I have a parting of the ways is about what happens next. She says that you have to buy exactly the same number of bottles in replacement or lose part of the deposit. I think, surely not? Surely you can spend the voucher, if not just on general shopping, then presumably only on buying the amount of beer you want to buy???

    This has come up as an issue after discovering a hidden cache of empty beer bottles without any possibility of ever being able to buy that many bottles in one go which would mean that, if we have to exchange like for like, we'd have a permanent hoard.

    It's a futile exercise writing comments on YouTube, but I couldn't resist and they even replied.

    That response from "Frank" is so condescending that I believe he thinks he's replying to a foreigner. Which tells you all you need to know about his attitude towards his pupils - I think it's all about the clicks and the money and sod the students.

    There's another "English teacher" who appears on EQDSO's Instagram feed and he seems incapable of stringing proper sentences together. I don't know his name - I don't want to know his name but I suspect that EQDSO gains her main amusement from him by watching my face when she plays his videos in front of me

    I've often fantasised about creating helpful, instructional videos for foreigners along the lines of the Gerard Hoffnung classics such as "Be sure to try out the splendid echo in the British Library reading room."

    I anticipate repurposing other, ordinary videos with my added subtitles - along the lines of the magnificent repurposing of that scene from "Downfall" First off, The British Joy of Bargaining

    An English Petrol Station. Josephine fills up her car and goes into the cashiers office and pays.

    And the subtitles read...

    That will be Eighty Pounds please.

    Eighty Pounds? Don't be ridiculous! I lived in Jordan for over ten years and I know how much

    the stuff costs. I'll give you a tenner and that's my final offer.

    Yeah, alright, I suppose so. I was only trying to put one over on you 'cos you looked a bit foreign, like.

    A British Supermarket. Barry takes his trolley to the till. Supermarkets are not as flexible as filling stations but remember, at all times you should offer half the asking price but be prepared to meet somewhere in the middle.


    One hundred and four pounds, love. Will that be cash or card?

    One hundred and four? That's daylight robbery! I'll give you fifty.





    I get stopped regularly when riding my bike, usually by the unarmed traffic cops and, depending on my mood, I always cooperate but tell them that they should be paying more attention to the criminals.

    How many actual undesirables they catch in these 'police controls' is anyone's guess.

    Interesting point of view.

    Back in Dear Old Blighty and back in the days when I still used to drive, it was very common for a random bunch of cars to be pulled into a layby by a police patrol and have the vehicle and the driver checked for roadworthyness etc. There was no sense that their purpose was or ought to be to catch burglars or drug dealers in the act - these were the traffic police just going about their normal daily routine of policing traffic.

    I have spotted a book sold on Italy on Amazon. It is only a paper book since it is aimed at university students/professionals. Price of book $36, shipping to Argentina $28.

    I don’t dare to order it as the last time I ordered something (a smoke detector free from Airbnb) DHL wanted me to submit an AFIP screenshot to show proof of digital domicile enrollment. FFS!

    I also use a lot of courier to mail documents to my clients abroad and I have to provide my CUIT to track my spending. When I described this to my US colleagues they said it sounded a fascist control measure. IT IS!!!

    Not being Italian I haven't looked for myself but, given the great number of people of Italian origin in Buenos Aires, isn't there an equivalent of Kel Edicions, the English language book specialist. anywhere around? Kel usually havin in stock or can get pretty well anything you want in English. Surely someone, somewhere is doing the same for Italian? If not, I spy a business opportunity!

    What happens if they don’t pay?

    I really don't know how it happens in Argentina but in the UK non-payment of a civil debt has no real legal consequences. However if the plaintiff obtains a court order for payment and that is ignored then that is contempt of court which - as a certain ex-President of the United States is finding out - is a whole other ball game.

    serafina , for your sake, I’m glad your uncle didn’t move to Argentina! He is so naïve that you would have worried about him 24/7.

    I’d have died of embarrassment if someone I was with decided to whip his shirt off in Retiro station, even if he weren’t displaying a dangling money pouch for all to see! Thieves probably left him alone because they thought he was a police plant.

    I was in Maastricht a few years ago when a young woman in an open-top sports car stuck at traffic lights decided to change her t-shirt. It definitely wasn't a money pouch that she left dangling...

    I just tested the search function in both Opera (my default browser) and Chrome on desktop with no problems.

    I also did the same on my phone with no issues. Are you using the search box in the top right?

    You could try clearing your browser cache and report back.

    Ah yes, Opera. I was asking you about Opera in another thread but - to keep it on topic - I found this message by using the on-site search so I think search is all working for me.

    In the other thread I was asking about the built-in VPN. First, I'm using an older Opera because my hardware/software won't automatically upgrade to the new Opera-One and secondly I've only really tried to use that VPN to disguise searches on travel websites to avoid having the prices ratcheted up each time I make a comparison. Is the Opera VPN any use for the things you were suggesting? Is there any difference in performance between the VPN in traditional Opera nd the Opera-One browser?

    If you haven't arranged a "safe" word with your friends, I don't think it's out of order when you get a message out of the blue from someone who claims to know you to ask them something like "How is poor little Chi-Chi? Has she come back from the vet after her operation?" And when the friend answers "Who the hell is Chi-Chi?" then you know it's likely to be them.

    Most of the country to a halt? Really? The first demonstration of the Milei era went off like a damp squib and the demonstrating organisations were billed for the police presence. Okay so the organisers have had more time to prepare tactics but then so have the authorities.

    We have vaccination appointments on the 24th so we will be out and about on the day - unless the appointments get cancelled.

    A family member, her husband and two kids booked and paid for a cabin for a week on the coast only to find that when they arrived, another family had taken the cabin.

    In the end, they had to trawl around for somewhere else to stay, managed to find somewhere and then pay again. Naturally, they are demanding a refund and I can only imagine the level of fury they must have reached.

    For my part, I would probably have been incandescent.

    Anyway, I'll update this post as and when...

    Buggeration, buggeration and thrice buggeration. Do you want to name and shame the booking organisation? I presume it wasn't the cabin owner themselves. I had a similar experience with and with all the dreadful stories I've heard - including from friends and relatives - I wonder why anybody uses AirBnB

    Someone here has one as well.

    Yup! Ituzaingo in provincia. They have an Eiffel tower and a leanin tower of (careful how I spell this...) Pisa. I think they have a few other famous monuments too, now. Oh, and don't forget the Lourdes Church and Grotto in -er- Lourdes, Santos Lugares, also in provincia.

    We've had to change the dates due to personal circumstances, so we'll probably fly out at the end of June with a two day stop in Madrid for Adri to meet relatives and then three weeks in the UK.

    We're going for Premium Economy on the way out just as a treat because we don't fly very often and cattle class leaves me cold.

    Personally, I can't see the point in making a lot of fuss about where one sits on a plane. It's only a thirteen hour flight which is absolutely no time at all on the scale of things. Approximately 0.00002 of a lifetime (so far) in my case.

    Oops, it's hist $1100 now so we're all millionaires! (if we have greenbacks)

    Pah! That's nothing! Unless you know the feel of a bunch of Zimbabwean Ten Trillion Dollar Notes in your back pocket you don't know what it is to be made of money. And if you do know that feeling it's probably because you are one of the winners of the Ig Nobel science prize.