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    When does running a Forum end with the "nuts and bolts" of the forum; after which the forum administration and staff immerses themselves into the "dirty sewage waters" of human atrocities?

    Or to put it another way:

    Does the Administrator of a public forum - of which its content stretches across many avenues and corridors of human activity and depravity - have a very real responsibility not only to oneself, but also to the very soul of humanity?

    For myself, I have spoken .....

    They are two peas in the same pod - in my opinion.

    Oh, I forgot ......... I am of course referring to President J Trump and Kim Jong Un.

    However, it is a BIG PEA POD; because in there are also:

    Jared Kushner

    Mike Pompeo

    Ivanka Trump

    Donald Trump, Jr.

    and ...... and ...... and ........

    Naming them ALL here would, I fear, over-run the hosting system Splinter uses for this website, so I had better stop.

    Do these email state your handle (@yourname)?

    Have you tried navigating here:

    No; the emails are addressed to my Email Address that I used in order to make the attempt of establishing a membership account with Twitter.

    The emails themselves are designated as coming from: info @ twitter.

    However when I tried to "unsubscribe" to these unceasing emails (they arrive in my email box every day), they made a request (actually a demand)

    that I establish who I am by giving them my telephone number. I will NOT do this.

    I feel your pain, CruiseJunki . There are several sites from which I’ve unsubscribed but still get mail. And several that don’t offer the unsubscribe option.

    I looked up the issue of companies refusing to honor "unsubscribe" requests.

    One has to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. It's a complicated process.

    [On their website, they state it is illegal for any individual or company to make it impossible to "unsubscribe" to an unwanted receipt of any email]

    However, for right now I am just directing the emails (from Twitter) to be automatically placed in my "junk" box.

    So far, Google is complying with my request to do so.

    Anyone who has been on the internet for awhile has received emails from some sites visited; and sometimes have also subscribed to some company or product or news - or even a social media outlet like Twitter or Faceblook.

    If YOU have, then you know there is supposed to be an option (within the email you receive) to UNSUBSCRIBE if that is your desire to do so.

    But "unsubscribing" doesn't always work out does it?

    One case in point was my attempt to establish a Twitter account for myself because I desired to stay in touch with a Twitter Account Member who has a current "news" account thereon.

    However, after trying twice to get through the "hoops" - (the "twitter gods" rejected my attempt to establish an account) - I gave up.

    However, even though I DID NOT finalize my attempt to establish a Twitter Account, I am now receiving daily "notices" from the administrative side of Twitter.

    I don't want to receive these "notices" - so I clicked on "unsubscribe" at the bottom of the email.

    But guess what???

    A message came up saying that I cannot "unsubscribe" because first I have to prove who I am ......... and it goes on to say that I must past the identification catcha boxes, and also allow for a text to my phone number be sent to prove it is a valid phone number; and etc., etc., etc.

    So my next action was to mark the email as "Spam".

    But that doesn't work either, as I keep geeing the "news" releases from Twitter.

    Well ..........

    I guess "unsubscribe" does not apply to those in "powerful positions" - like the the "big boys"; in this particular case, Twitter. X(


    The whole post content or a certain part?

    Further explanation on my part is probably due for the sake of clarity.

    However, circumstances which have developed recently have made it "legally advisable" for Forum to REQUIRE ALL GUESTS of the forum to become REGISTERED FORUM MEMBERS before entering into, and participating in, the many forum categories which are available.

    The 'circumstances' comment: There are Categories / Forums / Posts on which are not suitable for viewing by persons under age 18.

    Additionally, the "content" of those certain Categories and the Posts made within them are strictly adult content in nature.

    Requiring Forum Membership - verses an "open forum" - is the best way to ensure that a record is established of all individuals visiting, commenting, and making posts on the forum. It also offers an advantage from the standpoint that either the Forum Admin or Mod will have the ability to ban those individuals who don't belong on the forum - either because they are trouble makers or because they are under legal age.

    On the advice of my Moderator however, I have personally set the "forum permissions" to allow every Forum Member to DELETE their own account if they wish to do so. There are NO restrictions levied on the registered forum member in this regard.

    This is a different issue from the above; and the decision to make it possible for Forum Members to delete their own membership account if they so desire is totally unrelated to the "adult content issue".

    I have long held the opinion that Registered Forum Members should have the ability to DELETE their own Membership Account.

    There is no logical reason why they should be denied that right.

    My Forum Moderator - who is also a personal friend since 2007 - agrees with me on this issue;

    and he suggested that voluntary deletion of one's forum account be one of the options preset in "Permissions".

    Just participated in your poll. Thanks!

    Many thanks, Rice!

    However, circumstances which have developed recently have made it "legally advisable" for Forum to REQUIRE ALL GUESTS of the forum to become REGISTERED FORUM MEMBERS before entering into, and participating in, the many forum categories which are available.

    On the advice of my Moderator however, I have personally set the "forum permissions" to allow every Forum Member to DELETE their own account if they wish to do so. There are NO restrictions levied on the registered forum member in this regard.

    Were I a member of your other forum, CruiseJunki , I’d have to respond to your poll with “I didn’t watch.” This president so prolifically lies to the American public that I choose not to let my mind be further polluted.

    As for grading his speech, I respectfully suggest that your A+ for pomp & circumstance might better be categorized as A+ for pomposity.

    'Were I a member of your other forum'..... '

    ALL Guests and Visitors are encouraged to VOTE in the POLLS offered by

    Membership requirement in the Forum is NOT necessary in order to vote in any poll (unless it may be of a sensitive nature, e.g. not open to persons under 18);

    nor is it necessary to be a Forum Member in order to make a new post or to reply to a post already started by someone else.

    CruiseJunki , according to the Transportation Safety Administration’s site, “Beginning Oct. 1, 2020, if you plan to use your state-issued ID or license to fly within the U.S., make sure it is REAL ID compliant. If you are not sure if your ID complies with REAL ID, check with your state department of motor vehicles.”

    Over the past several years, states have been changing their drivers’ licenses to become “Real ID Compliant.” FAQ’s can be found at

    I checked out your response with United Airlines.

    According to personnel at the United Airlines Desk, International Airport, Reno, Nevada, the Nevada Drivers License designated as Real ID (there are other versions of this name depending upon which state one's Drivers License is issued from) is NOT sufficient for air flights which depart from a U.S. Airport but which are scheduled to include a departure for a designation outside of the United States after having made a stop within the U.S.

    Additionally, it is up to the particular Airlines the passenger is booking a flight on, as to whether or not additional current and valid photo ID is required

    from the passenger/s. In such a case then, a valid and current U.S. Passport is therefore required.

    I asked WHY such a "broad" interpretation of the "rules" can be applied by authorized personnel.

    Their response:

    Because, if for some unknown/unexpected reason a particular air flight became necessary to include a change in flight plans, e.g., that the pilots on the aircraft in flight (or from ground authorized personnel) deemed it necessary to fly to another arrival point for safety reasons or for something else equally crucial to the safety of all passengers on board, and which therefore had an "adjusted" designation point which is out of the United States, it could be reasoned that the "arrival"

    of passengers in a foreign country without a valid U.S. Passport on their person ......... their safety could possibly be compromised.


    Because I plan to take a cruise this Fall which will be on a cruise ship which departs from Canada, but arrives at a U.S. Port at the end of the journey,

    a valid, current U.S. Passport is required. State issued Photo ID's (including any and all photo ID Drivers License regardless of TYPE) are NOT sufficient for travel on a cruise ship. There are NO exceptions.

    Additional info

    I forgot to include this important information: Regarding Cruise Travel, IF cruise travel a U.S. Citizen takes is totally within the United States - as to embarkation and disembarkation - then it is possible to travel on such cruise without a U.S. Passport. However, it is not advised that a U.S. Citizen travel on any cruise ship without a valid Passport.

    Also: If the cruise ship one is traveling on, begins in the U.S. and also ends in the U.S., BUT TRAVELS WITHIN THE LEGAL BOUNDARIES OR JURISDICTION OF A COUNTRY NOT OF THE UNITED STATES BEFORE THE CRUISE SHIP REACHES ITS DISEMBARKATION POINT, the U.S. passenger/s on board MUST have a valid and current U.S. Passport.

    Did anyone on this forum - or forum Guest/Visitor who is reading this - watch the U.S. State-of-the-Union Speech last night?

    As an Administrator of a controversial Forum (, I have posted a short 'article of comment' regarding President Trump's

    State-of-the-Union Speech, complete with a Rating Score!

    Also a NEW POLL relative to same.

    I love reading these archaic laws, though it is completely inconceivable that they still exist.

    serafina , because we often seem to find ourselves in Michigan and Mississippi (though not Florida or Virginia, thank God), we decided tonight that we need to be careful not to lose our marriage license if we want to stay out of prison.

    And always remember to carry a Valid and Current Passport!

    That may - on the surface - appear to be some "whim" or foolish opinion of an "old coot" (yes, called that to my face - but that hasn't been the worse "comment");

    but the truth of the matter is, anything less than having a valid, legal, and current passport while traveling in the United States is potentially running the risk of spending 24 hours in "detention" at best; or worse, ending up in some "incarceration cell" for an extended "stay".

    A case in point:

    Any state Drivers License ID - which many travelers in the past in the U.S. relied on as a "valid ID" to allow for boarding air passenger flights - is no longer considered a valid and legal REQUIRED ID at airports in the U.S.

    In most states of the U.S., anything less than a Passport is NOT accepted for air travel - even IF your plans for travel DO NOT have an out of the country destination.

    By no later than January 1, 2020, EVERY state will require a valid passport for ANY air travel.

    [In case there are those of who doubt this, the aforementioned acquired information was derived directly from a major air transportation service counter at an International Air Port in western United States.]

    Hi Splinter!

    Regarding "talking out of context", Is this something like that idiot statement Rudy Guiliani made a few weeks ago, e.g., "The truth is not the truth" ?

    I am convinced that Trump's insanity is a highly infectious disease and all of Washington D.C. politicos should be quarantined immediately to ensure "National Security".

    As for President Trump, the "disease" he is suffering from is in its last stages, and therefore there is no cure available.

    All the more reason to get rid of him.

    Note: Just in case this last statement raises "eyebrows" at NSA, I emphasize that in saying 'get rid of him' ......... as referring to IMPEACHMENT.

    CruiseJunki , what are the perils of allowing apps to know one’s location? When asked, I instinctively deny permission, but I don’t have any informed reason?

    According to the "news report" I listened to (on a local channel where I live), apps that require one's actual location can provide individuals "out there in internet land" the ability to do all sorts of "bad" things.

    The bottom line is: It is always best NOT to give out any information related to your location - or any other information - that can be used to acquire

    additional information about the person who is making the personal info available.

    Most people do not want to suspect or even think about (nor certainly admit to) that there are individuals (and yes, governments to - and yes, that includes the United States) who actively pursue gathering information on trustworthy, unsuspecting internet users.

    And it isn't just older people who are careless in giving out personal information; younger, and a vast majority of young people do it all the time.

    But the truth is that there are very bad people "out there", constantly waiting to "ponce" on the "trusting sheep".

    And when it comes to the U.S. Government, the NSA (head-quartered in Utah) are notorious for gathering all sorts of information on the populace.

    No, they don't have to have "tens of thousands" of employees (agents) working around the clock to accomplish this!

    With computer technology today, NSA (and other branches of the U.S. Government) can use computer programs which automatically alert staff

    according to set criterion and perimeters.

    And, independent "bad guys" (completely separate from the government) have this same technology as well.

    The only individuals who DO NOT have the technology, nor how to come by it, nor the money or "connections" needed in order to purchase such technology,

    are the people who have never any attentions of trying to bring "harm" to others.

    I read the article - thanks for the link, Rice.

    On another issue but somewhat related I think - but unfortunately I cannot remember where I read about it or which newscast I saw it on - the advice given in the report was (regarding the use of Smartphones), that an individual using a Smartphone should not be so quick to trust some apps that Google would like the person to add (activate) on their Smartphone.

    One of those apps is a Weather App.

    Most of these apps request the individuals location! And they keep on repeating the request in case one doesn't heed the "plea" for including their location.

    I know, because on my LG Smartphone the Weather App on my phone keeps sending me a "reminder note" for me to authorize my location so that the weather app will work properly.

    I haven't given my location; and will not do so.

    There are other apps that request one's location!

    The reason why it is not advisable to give into these app requests regarding your location is that, with your location (the report went on to say) there are devious and unsafe situations that can occur if the Smartphone owner/user let's apps have their physical location.

    On Saturday January 26, 2019 I received the WILD ANIMAL INFIRMARY FOR NEVADA brochure, Volumne XLI No.1 - dated January-June 2018.

    I think these come out twice a year. The reason why Nancy sent me this issue is because it contains information on Ludwig the Swan (formerly of Virginia Lake in Reno, Nevada).

    Unless I misunderstood her (the telephone connection I had was not 100 % clear), Ludwig was recused twice from Virginia Lake: once because he became weak from malnutrition and the second time due to contaminated water in Virginia Lake.

    During our conversation, it is my understanding that Ludwig is presently in the care of the Wild Animal Infirmary.

    I had intended to copy some of the material Nancy said she would forward to me, but it is stated in the brochure (of the date mentioned above) that NO copies of that newsletter can be made. The web address is:

    Mailing Address:

    Wild Animal Infirmary for Nevada

    2920 Eagle Street

    Carson City

    Nevada 89704

    Donations can be made to the WILD ANIMAL INFIRMARY via Credit Crad or Pay Pal.

    This organization is NOT financially supported by city, county, or state.

    So the only way it can remain in operation is through private funding.

    Donations are Tax Deductible as it has an IRS 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Status.

    WAIF is operated by trained medical personnel; and there are a few select volunteers.

    In addition, Veterinarians do their examinations; diagnoses and surgeries and an M.D. Ophthalmologist treats eye problems.

    Nursing Care is done under the supervision of a registered nurse.

    WAIF receives compromised wildlife from the following agencies:

    Nevada Department of Wildlife

    U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services

    Audubon Society

    Washoe County Regional Animal Services

    From the General Public (as was the case with Ludwig the Swan).

    I am sending in a donation February 1, 2019.


    It doesn't read to me as if the book was actually purchased from Amazon though. If not then I think they were right not to accept the review. Otherwise an author could just get all their friends and relatives to write a positive review about their book.

    Independent Book Reviewers (person/s not associated personally with the author of said book) are not always to be relied upon; nor are they always "fair" in their review. I know from personal experience.

    Someone we know recently gave us a copy of his book and asked if we would write a review on Amazon. Although neither of us wanted the task, the book was very good, and we wanted to help our friend. So we put our heads together and spent some time writing a review, only to be told by Amazon that we didn’t meet their qualifications as a reviewer because we hadn’t purchased enough books from them this year.

    How very typical of Capitalists!

    I would really like to visit Montreal. But not in the winter.

    My last trip - quite some time ago - was a cross-country Canadian Train trip in early October. It was already COLD in Ontario.

    If I do get to Montreal, I am going in the summer months; and probably by train.

    Canada has beautiful passenger trains - and they run on time!