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    Are you going through grief, a crisis, do you feel without energy, homesick, stressed, disoriented, sad or would you just like to expand your possibilities?

    I would love to join you in a process of self-discovery, self-understanding and acceptance that will contribute to increase your well-being and foster the development of your potentialities.

    My name is Eli, I am a counselor and the fourth generation in my family to study an assisting profession. In addition to this career, I studied music, design, movie direction, languages (English, Portuguese, Italian, German and Russian) and I worked as a Spanish teacher for several years. Currently I work as a counselor in Recoleta or online. I love singing, reading, yoga, traveling and animals and have a lot of experience in the interaction with other cultures, since I did an exchange in three different countries and I am married to a foreigner.

    Discovering a new being has a lot in common with getting to know a person from a different culture and the work of an interpreter or translator that is needed. We all have a particular way of thinking, feeling and communicating and my job is to assist people through a process of active listening, improve their self-knowledge, self-understanding and self-acceptance, so that they can achieve a deeper well-being and develop their potentials.

    Contact me for a free first interview. <3