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    Millions of kids are having to stay home and take classes online. This is increasing expenses. My sister could not afford to get a better internet connection for her son to take online classes. Sad indeed. He needed to take some extra classes for z-score practice, which they would then use with the current covid-19 data for some prediction modelling. My sister got so frazzled, that I finally pitched in to sort out the issue. These uncertain times create a fear about the everyday, and that's not good for anybody. There is even a worry that some kids from poorer backgrounds, might never go back to school. I just hope people follow instructions and we can reach a stage where this virus is no longer a serious threat.

    Those passenger ships look magnificent! I have never wanted to travel by water, but after seeing these I just might be tempted to try once, although I am super afraid of being sea sick all the time. I am sure I can use some medication, but then I am also afraid of leaving land for long stretches. Sigh. Before being born we are all underwater(sort off), but then we pop out to be afraid of water. How quickly we forget.