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    Wow. I am not sure which has more bad information, the facebook post or politifact.

    There are many true and false statements mixed up here.

    My understanding:

    1. The wuhan virus is definitely a virus. It has been sequenced, observed microscopically, and is detectable through rt-pcr and the different antibody tests. This is as close to indisputable as you can get.

    2. Antibiotics do not work against viruses but do against opportunistic infections and may be anti-inflamatory. Other mechanisms may also be present which is why many protocols include antibiotics.

    3. There is a lot of evidence piling up that it is a blood clotting disease and not simply a SARS/pneumonia disease. They are symptoms and results of the pathology. The lungs are most affected but other organs are as well including the kidneys, heart, digestive, nervous system, etc. Importantly, it also affects the endothelial (blood vessel lining) tissue.

    4. Because of the clotting happening in the lungs, ventilators are in many cases doing more harm than good.

    5. The immune response (cytokine storm) causes a lot of the damage as well.

    6. Lung damage can be serious and permanent even in 'mild' cases.

    If you want to hear some real medical people discuss this, I recommend starting with:

    Dr. Mike Hansen discussing clotting:

    Dr Seheult on the mechanisms of the clotting:

    Both of these are parts of series which look at the latest research and present it in a digestible format. It can get deep into the technical aspects but it should be sufficient to show it is not a fringe idea about blood clotting.


    And since we are debunking stuff on the internet. Don't believe the authorities and vested interests, that this virus could not have been lab-created in china. Unfortunately, the evidence is starting to pile up on the lab-created side.

    There are plenty of crazy ideas out there but there are also many vested interests. Valid information is often dismissed as untrue, conspiracy theories or what-not. The truth is, there are many things that are not known, but there are also blatant falsehoods being promulgated by authorities. Just this week, one of the most respected scientific journals, The Lancet, lost a lot of credibility with a published (peer reviewed) article on Hydroxychloroquine which has since been withdrawn. The data appears to have been simply made up. Unfortunately it had major impacts in public health policy before it was withdrawn. See Lancetgate...

    Self-isolated. 6 bottles of Jameson. Not all that talkative anyway, so all is well... thanks for asking. I hope everyone else is well.

    As far as my opinion on Sars-cov-2, I am more optimistic day by day(could be the whiskey.) People are taking it seriously enough to slow the spread and treatments are having success in many trials.