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    2500 pesos and remis fare solves all of that, btw i'm Oscar, sometimes Julio other times ,Roberto lol

    There is never any need to have some stranger spend a night in your home.... that could be the moral of the story, but wait, we all knew that..(we old folks )

    According to the government they are very proud that their health system was never overwhelmed and that they always had more icu beds than they were needed, meanwhile 45000 people died in about 7 or 8 months.

    I try to understand how that is not incriminating , saying we have available beds while people were dropping like flies.....

    Maybe my understanding is wrong, but in order to say you are doing all you can you would have to have 100% of the beds occupied yet some people died.

    I think most of us have a gripe about Argentina. I don't hate it as you do, but can easily see why one might hate this country.

    I am not sure your particular thing with Bajo. However, he is a famous tool who is barely liked by anyone. An absolute moron who has thousands of posts and perhaps only a dozen of them are any good. He also has at best a middling reputation regarding his job, despite pretending he is the elite lawyer of Argentina.

    Can I ask why you are in Argentina if you hate it here? That must be miserable being somewhere you actively cannot stand.

    Liquidating properties so i can get back to the US

    Same as your feathers didn't get ruffled , i'm not offended or took this personally, i was just stating that as much as we don't care about what people think of our opinions, this will affect you, and sometimes it can be taken into the legal field, and that is what i meant by walking on eggshells.

    My experience in argentina is less than stellar with numerous situations that complicated my life quite a bit and no, i can't just leave as i have certain compromises that make it impossible at this point.

    Maybe i didn't express myself clearly but i dislike this country with a passion and most of the people in it too and also the way they do things here i just flat out hate it.

    But not only that, you have to be careful how you voice your opinion because even in forums like this, some of that ''culture'' filters in .

    No charges were filed against me on the other forum but it was kindly mentioned by the doktor at one point long ago.

    LOL this is spiraling out of control quick, he said, i said, then he said.

    Ok tough man, we got the point you don't get offended or give a shit what people think of your opinions.

    What some of us , not as tough as you, take into account is that your ''sound beliefs" can and will be challenged to the point of people trying to get you deported in some cases.

    And no, i don't feel uncomfortable , i know where i stand and why i stand there, except when in argentina you have to mind your principals as sound as they are , that can be enough for someone to press charges against you.

    That's exactly my point, sometimes expressing your believes offends somebody else, it didn't used to be this way, but now you have to walk on egg shells or you'll be deemed racist, seems that everything is racist these days or misogynist and when your opinion is unwelcome or like you say , becomes insulting to your person and called out on your intelligence due the lack of ''credentials'' like the good doktor in the other forum, then it really just devaluates the concept of a community such as a forum.

    Sometimes staying in a forum for a long spell can become boring, same questions keep popping up from new members , but what i have noticed lately is how polarized some have become, even this forum.

    So i do agree that over time a group of regulars is formed who might be lined up on their political views and or other views in life in general, making the experience a little less than comfortable for others.

    I do not defend or condemn any group or forum as there's no obligation for anyone to stay if you don't feel heard or represented. i also have noticed certain political bias in some of them , after all, it's just a forum , maybe i'm too old to be affected by what people think of me about my views in this context.

    I've always heard that the Romans were the ones that brought with them certain customs to the Saxon , Anglos, and other savages of the time such as the concept of bathing , beds, linen , road building and other contributions .....

    Rice, I've never said anything anywhere near what you just said. I was just trying to bring up the importance of certain gov' activities done in the past that were actually confirmed. and i don't appreciate the fact that every time you have no logic come back, you try to ridicule or down play any type of discrepancy with your view. Don't be impressed i was never important enough to be wire tapped

    Which new "threat"?

    It's in plain view, "an internal FBI bulletin '', if it is an internal bulletin how come everyone and their brother know about it? this is clearly an intimidation tactic for anyone that might think differently about the new administration, it wouldn't take much to get in this list in the coming days especially if you own firearms.....

    What we actually need right now is not Arnie but the Terminator.

    Very interesting concept, care to elaborate ? or should we be safe to assume you want president Trump shot before his term ends? I only bring it up since most of what this fictional character (you refer to) does, is kills everyone in all of his movies....

    As far as Arnold or Pelosi, i wouldn't put any value in what they say, after all, they are professional politicians and we all know how honest and straight forward these people are.... but what a great opportunity for the new administration to take away even more liberties from the private citizen under this new "threat"

    Sounds like you have many things figured out, please do learn the language ,as you will be taken advantage of, also learn the art of bribing , know how much, when ,and who to bribe, bring cash ,and never ever put it in the bank, just a small portion to operate your venture. I wouldn't recommend firearms , as they are seen as evil here and the general consensus is , only police can have guns(who never show up on time)leaving only criminals who care very little to nothing about gun regulations, armed. Oh and also , defending yourself is frown upon around here, the gov' and most news outlets recommend to never resist a robbery as they say, you cell phone or your money is not worth your life.

    I hope you have developed copious amounts of patience when it comes to legal paperwork, i will need every bit of it. Other than that, beef is cheap, wine is supposed to be decent, coffee is horrible, no good bacon to be found or apple pie.

    Good luck to you , Pilgrim

    I don't know what, that foreigners can't own land thing is about, i used to own 200 acres up north and the only regulation was that , being a foreign national, you could not own land right on the international border. In my case and where i was , there was a 5 kilometer buffer zone , but that varies from province to province and within a province also there are different regulations from county to county( mine was 5 kilometers, the next county over , was 15 kilometers)