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    Rice again, personally, around 99% of my shit, bad this bad that, is related to the virus.....that's why I don't freaking care about a reindeer farting to loud in Lapland!

    I'm glad that u r not affected by the virus and mainly your restrictions, loss of money, is caused by other things more natural.

    Looking at the numbers that the Chinese virus have done until today is alarming.....

    Its really hard not to be a little annoyed with China looking at these numbers! I'm looking forward to the moment that the world balance get adjusted back a bit again to what is acceptable for the Western world.

    Splinter and that is not an exemption.....guy have been touring around all the country doing exactly the same!

    Slowly but surely the quarantine is falling apart anyway, so just hang in there!

    Today there is car demonstrations all around country, just like the one in Tigre last week with 500+ cars.


    anyway, just try and do this Rice :

    I'm home now, what is my situation, my daily struggle, cause of lack of money, restrictions, loss of confidence in a stable situation, bad food, lack of socialization, lack of traveling and and and....

    Basically 99% of my concerns TODAY, and my financial stress, is caused by one single thing: the chinese flu! It's not caused because, Trump wanna censor Twitter, or because a black got killed, or caused by an imperiaistic capitalist getting greedy or or or concerns are related to the virus!

    Why r u locked up?

    Why r u not traveling to BA?

    Because Trump is an idiot?

    hahaha.....I have no count in the amount of times I have applied in total....maybe 30..... because I needed for both bike and car.....and each time one get deleted and a new one made. Downloaded the spyware anyway ....

    Here in tigre heavy controls today.....but mainly to filter aliens I think....the locals get pulled through quick.

    Rice .....

    U don't think the distraction is very much away from the world biggest problem today?

    I think most would agree that the worlds foremost problem today is the virus and what impact it is causing!!!!

    The stupidity of Trump and his actions are really un important at this point!

    But if u feel better, focus on them and ignore the virus!

    daniel .....yea I'm am....for better or for worse.....!

    But let's replay the last 6 months:

    Due to a serious virus emerging from China, either from a lab or from some bobos eating sick food under horrible hygiene condition. Following the world population of 7 billion people was put in different lockdowns, several million infected and hundred of thousands dead, mainly outside China.

    Lockdown causes economic damage NEVER seen before in history, trillions of trillions of dollars!

    Following a black person get unjustified put in a dead full position, even that it was not registered as a choking according to the autopsy and contrary the general news, but to a cardiac arrest and underlying health issues.

    Now the left wing, and the anti capitalist find its a good time to put the world in further trouble and start burning down whole cities, causing billions of damages.....all in the sake of freedom and BLABLABLA......

    And Trump is an asshole.....that's why!

    I think a blind man can see that a lot going on right now is a calculated plan!!!

    If someone wish, please explain me this, (only this!).

    How can Trump be to blame for the virus???? (Not the aftermath of the handling) it's beyond logic!!!!

    Isn't is a little funny that u have a minority infected and dead toll in the country of origin? Nearly all deads and infected are outside. Isn't it a little suspicious?????

    I have hard to hold back so I will stop writing......

    I agree on the Gnocchi rant....

    Never ever understood what was good or delicious about them.....

    And I'm an all eater.....never give up, keep on trying on stuff I don't like....just to try to understand why I don't like it.....

    I can eat gnocchi....but I never had hunger for them.....

    Trump announce that USA is stepping out of WHO!

    Great, someone that put his actions where his mouth is!!!

    People should never forget why we are sitting locked up for months and why the whole freaking world is in a serious financial mess....not because of yellow haired monster.... because of the chinos and the collaborating partners!!!

    To which 'baboons' are you referring?

    And by the way JAN , it's very much case not closed, but very much open.

    You are quoting me and in the quote is the answer.... who those baboons are!

    When I say case closed, I mean whether the police was right or wrong, (that's also in my post!)

    So I'm not justifying what they did!!!!

    It was not correct!

    Semigoodlooking .....

    You know that a majority of police in America carry body cams.....

    If u do a simple search and watch some of the videos of hate against white and authorities.....

    Most of the incidents with aggression against police, show how cheap many of the racial accusations are!!!

    And just to rectify regarding the Minnesota case: it's quite clear that the police officer was acting totally out of order! Simply by watching security cams, you can confirm that! case closed!!!

    But since u like googling, try and Google how many police officers get killed everyday in the line of duty..... totally un justified!!!!

    Those who commits those terrible murders are same as the baboons putting city and country on fire!!!!

    Is it because I'm black? No it's because u r throwing molotow cocktails against other people....or even worse shooting around to kill innocent people.

    I find it terrible the need for making such serious threats......but I cannot see how you can prevent the baboons from burning down whole cities otherwise.....

    I think we are no crossing over with the sub topic "why do anyone need a gun"!

    Imagine driving on the street, suddenly a mob want to kill u and burn ur car, for being a white bigamist nazi black hater....I think the gun would come in handy!

    I remember in the '80ties my cousin was working in South Africa selling agriculture machinery....hew was obligated to buy a gun and keep in the car when he traveled through the countryside. He said sometimes he would be in no mans land, surrounded by hundreds of black people, scared to shit.....but they where just exited to see a white man for first time in their life.

    Btw, that cousin is a TOTAL anti gun 95% of any Dane probably.