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    Thank you Serafina. It has been a crazy week at migraciones. Turned out there is some sort of new system and when it works it's great but somehow my file got blocked so I was in migraciones purgatory. I bounced around helpful people like a ping pong ball and 3 days and 7 or 8 offices later I have my precaria, paid for my DNI today at a separate bank and not sure but hope that it shows up in the mail one day. I am now (again) an official temporary resident.

    I have one of those aluminum ladders that fold up into 4 pieces. As shown it's about 6 feet tall and can open into a straight ladder about 12 feet tall. It is like new, no dings, no dents, all the locks work. It's a good ladder. I just need a taller ladder and don't have room for both.

    This ladder sells at Easy for $3,200/$3,400 (I can't remember) And I will sell you mine for $2,000.

    If interested please PM me or email

    Thanks, T/


    We have upgraded our music system and have these AudioEngine A5+ Amplified Speakers for sale.

    Front Back

    These are really terrific speakers and in like new, perfect condition. Here is the web site where you can see the specs and reviews.…a5-plus-powered-speakers/

    Because they are amplified you can play music directly from your computer (iTunes, Spotify, etc) to the speakers using an AirPort Express or equivalent.

    I paid $399US for these speakers in the USA and brought them down in my carry-on baggage. They are probably worth much more here but I’ll sell them to the first $399US (or pesos). All wires and remote are included.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or want to see the speakers.



    Tom & Nancy— Roth & Roth

    +1 206 853-0802 Tom

    4827 5303 (Please DO NOT leave a message)

    Can anyone interpret implications for the near future?…prise-move-to-defend-peso

    From this article: " Those efforts weren’t enough to offset global pessimism toward riskier assets, renewed dollar strength and an exodus of overseas investors from Argentina after a new income tax for foreigners took effect this week." Does anyone know what the "income tax for foreigners" refers to. Is it time to panic?

    Apologies for the tangent -- I'm missing that "off topic" emoji -- but does anyone know a source for fresh cayenne peppers? I've seen dried ones in Chinatown, but need fresh ones for a specific recipe.

    I bought fresh, red peppers in Barrio China the other day that were nicely hot. Maybe cayenne.

    I believe that when you have Am Prime you get the videos too. At least I do, no extra charge. Maybe if you pay more, you get more but I haven't seen any way to do that.

    Serafina and Splinter, Have you tried to call Apple Care (1 800 692 7753 in the US) I think they also have So America numbers but not sure. I just use WiFi calling. Sometimes they try to charge you when you are out of warrantee but mostly not, especially if it is a software/OS problem. I just got off an hour and a half call with a second tier specialist trying to figure out why disk 1st aid isn't working properly. We finally sent data to the engineers and she will call me back on Friday with answers. I also asked her about some problems with Photos. My Mac is a 2013 MacBook Air, out of warrantee.

    High Sierra was a major change in the OS and knowing the details is way above my pay grade. It did affect how pictures are handled. I think that when doing OS upgrades you do have to do a little research to see if there are any known problems. and are good sites.

    We visited Bogota last May (2017) and liked it a lot. Felt as safe as most anywhere. We have also heard that the other major cities are equally safe. Don't know about the countryside as we didn't travel in Colonia. I hear the drug cartels are mostly gone and there is peace between the gov't and the rebels.

    However, the prices seemed about equal with AR, maybe slightly cheaper. No scientific study, just eating out, buying souvenirs, etc.

    On MacStation (stores in Barrio Norte & Las Canitas, and online) the cheapest Retina iMac is about 39k ARS, which is the same RSP of Link here. Also Maxim Store has it for slightly less (link).

    However, when you buy at an Apple store you can return your old computer and a get a substantial discount. I do not think resellers do this.

    Anyway, I will be back to Capital in 20 days and I'll make a decision then. Semigoodlooking , have you bought yours?

    I think the discount you get for turning in your old Apple product is substantially less than you can sell that product for here in Buenos Aires. It's even less than selling it in the US unless things have changed recently. They do take condition into consideration.

    I am not a fan of DJ shows but would like to have seen Rod Stewart (here last weekend) at the colon rather than at a field (the Hippodrome) where I didn't/wouldn't go. I think the youth (including me at 72) should be allowed to enjoy the theaters around town including the Colon. The theaters also deserve respect and no damage from the concerts. It seems to work in Seattle where Rock and Roll and Classic venues work.