Mercado Libre app not available for my store - help

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  • I am seeking tech help to install the Mercado Libre app on my iPhone, which is not available in the Italian app store. Unfortunately, an Italian friend gave me an iTunes gift card and it turns out that if you have credit on your iTunes account, you cannot switch country.

    ML app is available on the US store, which was my store before I stupidly redeemed the Italian iTunes gift card.

    How do I do install it again?

    I am trying to spend this credit, but I can't really find anything interesting to buy and it seems so stupid that I have to spend 8 euros (that's what's left of my gift card) just to be able to install ML app!

  • Just reporting back that in Argentina didn't solve the issue. I am asked to change Store (to the Argentinian Store), which I accept, but then an error happens and the app is not downloaded. Mercadopago app is available worldwide and I have no issue with that.