😎 Haggle with your service provider

  • Now that TV and Internet is becoming a little more competitive in Argentina (relatively speaking), it's worth hassling your provider for the best deal. I did just that a couple of weeks ago when I saw that Telecentro were offering TV, Internet at 100Mb and a phone line for a very competitive price.

    We've been with Cablevision/Fibertel for years and I saw on their site that they were offering 100Mb and a set-top Flow box which is much better than your standard decoder because you can record and pause live TV and watch hundreds of other channels.

    Anyway, I managed to get our speed up from 50Mb to 100Mb and the Flow deal for around $300 less that we are currently paying, mainly since I said we were thinking of going over to Telecentro. In fact, I've done this before and it works every time.

    Try it yourself and you might be surprised :)

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