Security in Palermo vs other barrios

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  • TN's crime report by barrio has been released, showing Palermo with the worst numbers for robberies/burglaries. This doesn't sound right, even considering all the tourists shopping in Plaza Serrano, dining in Palermo restaurants, and returning to clubs late at night. There are very few hotels in Palermo, and unlike San Telmo, another tourist favorite, in Palermo the streets have decent lighting and plenty of people milling about. What are counterbalancing factors?…rrio-con-mas-robos_879090

  • Police presence has increased significantly in the past couple of years in our Caballito/Parque Chacabuco barrio.

    I always give them a friendly “buenos dias/noche” as I pass. Can’t hurt to be on good terms.

  • Maybe its just that people in Palermo report more crimes.

    I know several people who have been robbed or assaulted and don't report the crime cos they feel its a waste of time or that if the criminals are caught , they will be released by the liberal judges.

  • The statistics are very dubious. Palermo appears to be the most dangerous, but this does not take account on the number of people who lives there. is the most populated district, the building density is really big, compared with other boroughs.

    They must state the category in other, more subtle terms or criteria.

  • Is it liberal judges, or fearful judges, GlasgowJohn ? Or no-longer-give-a-damn judges?

    Good point about people simply not reporting crimes because they will just be wasting time and nothing will be done. I doubt that I would bother. Interesting that you see an increased police presence in Parque Chacabuco, EJLarson . We haven’t seen any police to speak of in Plaza Guadalupe, even though there was a murder (surprise! unsolved) on the plaza in 2015. That’s what comes to mind for us when we read the Palermo crime reports.

    Thanks for pointing out the additional factor of building density, Carlos . That undoubtedly makes a significant difference.