In the wake of retaliatory tariffs, Harley Davidson will move some of its production from the US to Germany

  • The iconic American bike maker Harley Davidson, like a growing number of American companies, is being hit by the EU's retaliatory tariffs in the trade war begun by the U.S. president. With tariffs (up until now at 6%) jumping to 31%, the company has calculated that a European would have to pay an extra $2,200.00 for one of their bikes. Europe is the largest Harley market outside the USA, and the company wants to avoid losing sales to their non-US competitors, so Harley Davidson has decided to absorb that cost rather than passing it along to the customers in the EU.

    No company can stay in business by subsidizing sales, so Harley has announced that they will move some of their manufacturing and production out of the US, to Germany, which will doubtless be delighted at the publicity and the jobs created.

    Will Wisconsin's loss be Stuttgart's gain? Is Harley Davidson the canary in the coal mine for the larger US auto industry?

    Will Rice become a regular poster in the Bikers' Corner?