English cheddar and French cheeses at Disco

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  • At our local Disco supermarket Rice .

    Anyway, it's not that Argentine cheese is rubbish, but generally the choice is rubbish, especially since most Argentines have such bland taste in food.

    Nowadays I try to buy cheese in the local delicatessen, Queso de Campo for example at least has a little bite to it. Ever tried that awful Pategras ffs?

    Anyway, the imported British cheese is Wyke mature cheddar and it's very tasty. $157 for a small pack.

    It's also worth noting that so called Cheddar is sold here as slices but it's not Cheddar at all. It's that disgusting processed cheese found in McDs.

    It's all about choice, so when you see it, grab it.

  • We like Queso de Campo, too. But what's wrong with pategras? We like that too. Also Sardo, provolone and Argentine-style mozzarella, whose creamy taste puts bland US mozzarella to shame.

    I suspect that you, Splinter , have a far better palate for cheeses than I because you come from the UK, which has some fabulous cheeses. While I can taste an enormous difference between langostinos and Louisiana jumbo shrimp (sweeter, less briny, more tender), I imagine that coming from a non-cheese-producing area has freed me from having a more discriminating cheese palate.

  • Because Pategras has no flavour whatsoever and this brings to mind the times we dine with the family and they're tucking into a picada (hors d'oeuvre) and they all mmmm and aaaaah about how tasty it is, when it's all as bland as fuck.

    For added entertainment purposes I like to throw in some very mature cheese and watch the reaction. Cracker Barrel is pretty good, if you can find it, but the trouble is, they never rave about it.