Countdown to Kim - Trump Summit

  • On Tuesday 12th of June Trump becomes the first sitting US president to meet a North Korean leader face to face. Much has been speculated over what will be the give and take and more importantly, will NK give up its nuclear capability?

    The only reason this summit is taking place is because NK was able to put itself in a position of power, regardless of how effective (or not) those much flaunted missiles are.

    On the other hand, does Trump have what it takes to negotiate with a hardened totalitarian like Kim who plays his cards from the back of the deck?

    I don't think so and neither does The Guardian, who's views in this article I entirely concur with.

    Is everything about NK about to change?

    They may have destroyed one nuclear test centre as a symbolic gesture, but I for one can't see them handing over their military deterrent.

    Will this kind of rhetoric be consigned to the history books? Remember the Berlin Wall? Everything is possible...

    우리의 총창우에 평화가 있다 - We love peace, but we'll never beg for it

    Posted by 이선진 on Friday, June 8, 2018