Luxury hostels

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  • Hostels are an option most of us haven’t thought about since college days, when backpacking around Europe was widely possible because of hostels.

    In February, Business Insider ran an article on hostels they claim could be confused with luxury hotels. (Really???)

    They followed up this week with a list of the most luxurious hostels under £40/night in each European country.

    If you want to see what you missed in your youth, you might find these 2 articles to be eye-openers.…rent-luxury-hotels-2018-2…y-under-40-a-night-2018-6
  • When I was 19 and I finished high school, I went to a trip in the UK with a friend. We visited Scotland first and then London. We were budget travelers and relied on hostels for all our destinations, and were impressed by Stirling Youth Hostel. We were convinced we were in the wrong place, because it couldn't be that cheap!

    The inside was modern and neat, nothing fancy but certainly the best hostel I have ever been. I have been trying to convince my husband to consider hostels (private room, obviously) when traveling, but nowadays Airbnb has made it much easier and cheaper.


  • The Sterling looks lovely. And some of the ones in the two articles sort of tempt me, I guess as a romantic, adventurous notion. But then I remember the very highly recommended hostel in New Zealand where we stayed years ago as young adults, and slap myself back into reality.