Cancer Immunotherapy

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  • My medical source has no direct knowledge of immunotherapy, though he has long felt it makes far more sense than inflicting chemotherapy poisons or radiation on the body.

    I'm very interested in this topic, as a good friend of ours has just begun a course of immunotherapy. Please post additional information as you find it?

  • The logic of this procedure is just stunning in its implications. As you said, Rice , outwitting the little bastards instead of trying to poison them - I’m overwhelmed by the simplicity and brilliance of the concept.

    Back to earth, though. Says it’s only effective in a portion of cases.


  • I share your excitement about immunotherapy. I thought it was used only in Phase III studies.
    There is a veterinary Doug immunotherapy here in Buenos Aires and my experience has been very positive.
    In our case it was a skin cancer affecting the nose of a cat (quite common in white cats, either fully or partially white). Part of the treatment was systemic (oral drops) and part local (a ointment to apply on the affected area).

    However this is not standard therapy in veterinary care and most vets (including mine in Italy) don't know about it. For the record, this doctor attends in Olivos and Saavedra.

    Anyway, it is the most exciting news in cancer therapy.

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