US diplomacy up in flames

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  • Trump's speech from the White House today pretty much put the lid on any summit with Kim Yong-un and we all know why this happened - Libya.

    National security adviser John Bolton put his foot in his mouth saying that we're looking at a Libya situation, which is a red rag to Mr Kim, as the White House should have known. Then VP Pence adds his two pence (sic) worth, also saying that NK may end like Libya, with statements from both men provoking a furious reaction from from North Korea.

    This is a particularly alarming development, especially since Trump pretty much threatened NK in his speech today, saying that the US was the most powerful force in the world and that they were locked and loaded. He then went on to say that he would expect his allies such as Japan to contribute to the cost, as if military action was a foregone conclusion.

    In my humble opinion, this is a humiliation for the US, when no more than a few weeks ago Kim was sitting down with the president of South Korea and even unification seemed less than a dream.

    But then, if any body of people is capable of fucking up, it's this current US administration, that has failed miserably to grasp the olive branch.

    This article from The Guardian sums it up better than I could.

    The failed Trump-Kim summit: the story of a trainwreck foretold

  • Guess Trump doesn't like the idea of getting a Nobel Peace Prize

    Egg on the face for the people Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage for suggesting that Trump should get the prize

  • As it was with U.S. President Warren G. Harding, President Donald J Trump has a distinct "knack" for trusting those individuals whom he never should have,

    and NOT relying on the advice of those individuals which would be productive and beneficial for most everyone.

    Such an atmosphere - as the above stated - unavoidably creates an environment in which gives vent or cause for the "idiots and the stupid" to gain

    control and run with a "program" that is destined to be (sooner or later) best described as foolish or counter-productive.

    Add to this "cauldron" of toxic brew, the unpredictable and absolute disregard for the logical advice of other individuals or for their personal feelings -

    (I am referring to none other than "Trumpy Bear") - and the "world" is caught up in a swirling mass of dangerous "x-factors" - heading towards a destiny

    that may not be defined or foretold (predicted) accurately.

  • Oops! We spoke too soon.

    Just as Trump was sharpening his sabre, Kim plays him and moves another chess piece by saying he'd still like to meet the fool.

    In fact Kim never pulled out of the summit in the first place, but merely illustrating that he wouldn't be a pushover.

    Current score:

    NK 30

    US 0

  • Giuliani used to be considered a good lawyer. I don’t know when he lost it to the extent that he makes even his boss look rational and competent, but there you have it.

    “Where does he find these people?” Try this guy, who incidentally had sued the Environmental Protection Agency multiple times before (logically) being named its director last year:…-investigations-quicktake

    But that article is 12 days old. A new investigation was launched today, when it came to light that this esteemed Cabinet member used his position to try to get a fast-food franchise for his wife.

    To quote Iowa Republican Senator Jody Earnst, “Drain the Swamp? This is about as swampy as it gets.”

    You ask “Where does he find these people?”

    I ask “Why are they still there,” after scandals and inappropriate behavior are revealed?

    Oh - update: the White House staffer who last month made a snarky sick JOKE about the impending death of Senator McCain, finally lost her job today, after a month of outrage by the White House — outrage not because she SAID it, but because some DISLOYALIST leaked her comment to the public. [but watch for her to turn up in another WH job - these people are always kept around -]


  • I'm surprised there hasn't been a reaction from North Korea yet. I mean, does Kim Yong-un really wish to be portrayed as a leader begging the president of the USA? On his hands and knees?

    It really is astounding. But it's not over yet ....

    Can any forum members help us understand the wisdom of humiliating and making Kim lose face before this meeting?