So this is what non binary means

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  • Currently watching Billions and was a tad confused by this actor/actress who identifies 'theirself' as non binary. In fact, the first non binary actor/ess on TV. I noticed that no one in the show refers to him/her by gender at all and I just can't get used to the idea of someone not having a gender at all.

    This is an extract from IMDb

    "Asia Kate Dillon was born on November 15, 1984 in Ithaca, New York, USA. They are known for playing Brandy Epps in Orange Is the New Black (2013) and Taylor Mason in Billions (2016). Their role on Billions is the first gender non-binary character shown on television. Dillon identifies as non-binary and uses singular they pronouns. Dillon is also the founder and producing director of MIRROR/FIRE Productions.

  • Who will volunteer to tutor Asia Kate Dillon in pronouns, singular and plural?

    They may call itself anything he wishes, but she does not get to unilaterally change the English language.

  • I don't care what gender, or whether any gender, Asia chooses. I do very much care that singular and plural are being mixed, as if number has nothing to do with anything.

  • I personally find this non binary identification quite ridiculous, especially the weird use of singular and plural.

    I hope all rational people do feel this way. I peek out of my cave occasionally to see what new social trends are likely to be appalling, so understand fully that this kind of bullshit is going to be important to someone whether or not I like it.

    So, in the sense of being inclusive and up-to-date, how about someone just inventing a whole new set of pronouns for these valuable members of society rather than trying painfully and grotesquely to fit them into the existing set?