The 100 Best Argentine wines

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  • I would love one of these guys to do a list of the 100 best wines that don't cost more than 100 pesos

    How about you and I get started? First, the entire line of Latitud 33. That’s probably seven or eight right there. Another ninety-two or three and we’re done.

    (Ummm ... you said under 100. Let’s make it under 200 and we’re in my territory.)

  • How about Portillo from the Salentein bodega.

    I like the Cabernet - 99 in the local chino.

    The Malbec and the Syrah are also OK for everyday supping

  • Estiba I by Bodega Esmeralda has recently become a regular at our place. Costs just 85 ARS at Diarco "de barrio" (i.e. not wholesaler, you can just buy one unit.). If you buy 6 units or more, it costs even a few pesos less. I can only find Malbec at my local Diarco on Córdoba y Lavalleja (approx.).


    My husband also likes Finca Las Moras wines, but they didn't strike me particularly, to be honest. Anyway, with a $100 wine I'll given my 'pass' with just 'doesn't make my digestion impossible', in all truth!

  • Having been away for a few months, I have no idea where wine prices have gone. Can you still get Salentein Brut Nature in this range? Love that!

  • Guess what you’re saying is that for less than 100 you should be able to distinguish it from drain cleaner to get a pass.

  • Here are a few around $200p or so that taste real good. Most stores give discounts if you buy a case or spend a certain amount. Los Intocables Black Cab and Black Malbec , Nicassia Cab Franc, Piedras Malbec, Las Perdices Albarino (white), Aniello 006 Pinot Noir.

  • My consumption of red wine has dropped off considerably since June last year when I started drinking rosados, you know, the pink varieties.

    In the UK my brother had some very nice French white and rose wines left over from my niece's wedding and offered it to me since he doesn't drink it. The first thing I noticed was how refreshing it is and then, not waking up with a hangover the following morning. In fact I'll only drink Cabernet now as opposed to Malbec as it has a softer palette for me anyway and that's when there's nothing else to drink.

    Last weekend was a case in point when I took Adri for a surprise meal and since she doesn't like vino rosado, I was forced to drink Trumpeter Cabernet Sauvignon at the horrendous restaurant price of $320. And guess what? I woke with a hangover, so there must be something in red wine ( as opposed to rose) that has the hangover effect.

    Anyway, tonight is an exception as yesterday I opened a Rioja that we bought in England last July, which has been living in the dark ever since and I always reckon that they taste better after a day of breathing. Softer somehow.

  • It must be the tannins that are giving you hangovers. People who just can't drink red wine often complain of hangovers and/or headaches. It is the tannins that give wines their dryness and their complexity, but for some, those come at a price.

    What are some favorite Argentine rosados?

  • Maybe we should analyze this. During or after the meal, did you say anything dumb enough to force Adri to enchufarte un sopapo?

    That will give you hangover symptoms, too.