Is Trump illiterate?

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  • Technically, he is not illiterate. He can put a reasonably grammatical sentence together and he can read, at least things people say about him, if not world news. But he brags that he has no interest in history (translated: no knowledge of history) and that he doesn't read books.

    He reportedly watches many hours of TV programs with sycophantic hosts, receiving his understanding of the nation and the world from their opinions and commentary, rather than reading newspapers which print what he calls fake news.

    His aides routinely report that his attention span is less than 3 minutes. He needs to have his Presidential Daily Brief condensed and read to him.

    He likes to talk about himself and his legendary successes. He is widely known to repeat, verbatim, the same story multiple times within the same conversation. He inappropriately turns other peoples' tragedies and struggles into platforms for boasting about himself.

    He speaks in short, repetitive, elementary sentences, using monosyllabic words when possible. Hearing him struggle to pronounce the names of Kim Jung Un or the IAEA does raise questions of a possible reading or learning disorder in addition to his alarmingly short attention span.

    His own Cabinet members do not deny having called him stupid, "dumber than shit," and a moron. My personal feeling is that he is not actually stupid; rather, he simply isn't interested or perhaps disciplined enough to educate himself in the areas in which we would reasonably expect a president to be highly knowledgeable or at least passingly familiar. His interests seem to be stoking his own ego, self-promotion, money, and building his personal empire. The presidency is his jewel in the crown.

    Why the American people willingly chose to fall under the spell is quite another story. To turn your question around, is the voting public illiterate? I would say no to that as well. As with the president, the problem is much more profound.