Maple syrup in Palermo Soho!

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  • Hear hear! Argentina has been finally blessed again with maple syrup. Still, finding maple syrup in Buenos Aires is still an expensive treat.

    I went to Armenia (Av. Raúl Scalabrini Ortíz 1317) and there was a classic flask of Canadian maple syrup for sale (250 ARS, 11 USD to date). Apparently this is the size of a maple leave, I read! The picture is just to give you an idea of the bottle size, I am too shy to snap pictures in stores! Anyway, it had a Canadian flag on the bottle, in the top left corner.

    There are some alternatives on ML. I had never seen a can of Maple syrup, but you can find the 540ml can for 1600 ARS on ML.


  • I couldn't read the size of the one you saw, serafina , but the large one on Mercado Libre, at 1600 pesos, might not be as outrageous as it sounds. Pure maple syrup is quite expensive in Canada and the US too (and an acquired taste, I should add. very strong.)

    I just looked up the cost of Coombs Family Farms pure maple syrup at Wal-Mart, and it was a little more than $1/ounce, at $12.44 per 12 ounce bottle, though of course less per ounce in larger quantities. There are wide variations in price, depending upon the area of production, whether the syrup is Grade A or Grade B (who knew?), and what the producers want to charge. Here is an interesting chart showing the more than 100% differences in prices among a variety of states.…of-maple-syrup-in-the-us/

    The maple-flavored syrups like Aunt Jemima, Log Cabin etc are much cheaper. Just not the same thing. I believe they are corn syrup with maple flavoring.

    Now you know everything that I have ever known, or cared to know, about Maple Syrup, which we have on pancakes about once a year (the maple-flavored variety). I've never understood the expat obsession with it. Must be good on kale.

  • I watched a documentary about Maple Syrup and all the shenanigans about the confederation. It was mind boggling, especially the heist, giving the impression that it was more expensive than gold.

    Still haven't tried it and was brought up on Lyle's Golden Syrup which is probably an anachronism for most Canadians.

    We watched that, as well! The whole 'Dirty Money' series is really mind boggling. And to consider it is done in the US and not some third country we all live into. It makes me scared.

  • And to consider it is done in the US and not some third country we all live into. It makes me scared.

    Hey, the maple syrup scammers were Canadians! Don’t blame us for everything!

    And, re the syrup thefts, did they consider that mice might have eaten it? They like cannabis, too, I hear.

  • My one and only internet search for maple syrup OR Wal-Mart yesterday has resulted unwelcome spam from Wal-Mart today.

    Perhaps Maple syrup is even better on spam than on kale.