Flying Norwegian... a review of the Eze - Gatwick service

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    Seems quite a positive review . Norwegian gets a decent name but occasionally there are delays.

    A few weeks ago , the service ex Gatwick had technical problems and that mean the Ezeiza - Gatwick service was cancelled. Some of the Argie journalists said that they did not inform the travelers until they were at the airport . , but others said they look after them properly.

  • Does anyone know if they have expansion plans for more destinations yet?

    This service is operated by the UK division of Norwegian

    Their plan to start Argentine domestic market operations and a fully fledged local airline has been postponed from June until Q4.

    Partly because of the economic situation in Argentina and partly because of the company's financial problems.

    IAG , the owners of Iberia and British Airways , have built up a 5% stake and are alleged to be mounting a full bid.

    Watch this space as they say....

  • While I was looking for my flight to Italy, I also browsed on Iberia's website and I noticed that some strikingly low airfares included the transatlantic flight on Level, Iberia's low cost. This meant that the airfare looked cheap, but you couldn't carry any baggage (except a carry-on), you would have no meal, no blanket, no entertainment.

    I am not at all convinced it was fair to include these flights in their main results. If I am looking on, I am expecting to fly 'economy' class, not low-cost-stripped-class.

    I wouldn't be so picky for domestic or short flights, but on an intercontinental flight, there is no room for greediness.

    In the end, I have booked with LATAM for the usual €1200 round trip from Aeroparque to Malpensa and back. Best solution for me: the closest airport in both instances, a 20' car ride to both homes, a reasonably short flight with a stop-over in Sao Paulo (flights stopping over in Madrid are 40' shorter, though), two checked bags of 23 kg each. I will be back before the final match of the World Cup, just in case Argentina makes it.